What do you mean?

SourceBottle is an online service that connects journalists, writers and bloggers with 'sources'.

We do this by emailing 'call outs' for sources from journalists, writers and bloggers to subscribers to the service. We help journalists, writers and bloggers connect with an extensive network of quality sources; and we help subscribers to the service get publicity (or famous, whichever comes first).

For journalists, writers and bloggers...

You can post a 'call out' for a source on the site whenever you like. (There is no charge for this service.) 

'Call outs' are:

  • emailed to subscribers (who have registered an interest in the chosen topic/s) via the Drink Up! alert. This service is free for subscribers.
  • posted publicly on the SourceBottle site.
  • broadcast on social media sites (including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) - if requested.

For general subscribers...

You will receive Drink Up! alerts, which will include call outs on your chosen topic/s. (This is a free service.)

For subscribers to the 'requests' service...

You can post a request for subscribers to send you samples and giveaways (for gift bags), prizes (for competitions) and case studies for media pitches ONLY. (This is a paid service.)

Terms defined:

  • a 'source' is anyone who can respond to a 'call out'.
  • a 'call out' is a free post placed on the site by a journalist, writer or blogger, who is looking for sources to quote/interview for use in a publication, blog, e-magazine or the media generally.
  • a 'request' is a paid post placed on the site by a subscriber requesting something - generally giveaways (for gift bags), prizes (for competitions) OR case studies for media pitches.