SourceBottle is a leading social media site that operates wholly to 'crowdsource' sources for journalists and bloggers and create promotional and publicity opportunities for PR professionals and businesses.

Boasting some of the largest and most respected media outlets as regular users of the service, the site draws significant traffic at least twice a week day, and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

(See an example of our Text & Banner ad in the Drink Up! alert.)

Option Subscribers 
to Drink Up! alert 
Specifications Cost Make a purchase
1 x Text & Banner Ad in Drink Up! email alert

(See example of Text & Banner ad in Drink Up! alert.)
54.5K Text: Made up of a bold headline, 'blurb' and direct link to your website (max 1000 characters - includes coding and line breaks). Cost includes copywriting, if required.
Banner: Ad size: 300px wide x 300px high; File size: <50kb GIF/JPEG (including animated GIF). Please supply the URL your ad is to be linked to.
$450 per alert
Purchaser Location
2 x Text & Banner Ads in Drink Up! email alert (Discounted) 54.5K As above $750 for 2 alerts ($375 per alert)
Purchaser Location
3 x Text & Banner Ads in Drink Up! email alert (Discounted) 54.5K
As above $1,050 for 3 alerts ($350 per alert)
Purchaser Location


What our advertisers have said:

SEO Agency TopRankings experienced 20 leads in under 5 working days from Source Bottle's campaign. This success can be attributed to the client loyalty and trust Source Bottle holds with its loyal subscriber base together with its strong direct response experience. I will be proactively sharing this resource and advertising medium with other businesses that are proven experts in their respective field and who can benefit from such a campaign. 

Noam Judah, Director TopRankings

SourceBottle is an excellent vehicle to get traction for your advert. For the same amount of money I got twice the hits to my landing page compared to advertising on social media. I would highly recommend it to others.

Lisa Sweeney, Exec Director

I placed two ads on Sourcebottle and had fantastic results. I sold over 20 DIY PR Kits within a matter of hours, as well as had various Sourcebottle users sign up to my PR advice podcast. I highly recommend Sourcebottle advertising to any business wanting to reach marketing and PR professionals and business owners, and I will continue to recommend Sourcebottle to all those that I coach and train in PR.

Tania Willett, TJW Public Relations

I regularly advertise on SourceBottle and have consistently found it an effective way to gain exposure for my business and grow my client base. Whenever a Drink Up! email goes out with my ad in it I receive a flurry of new enquiries and Bec constantly tweaks the copy to keep it interesting. Thanks Bec, you and SourceBottle rock!

Bridie Jenner, Bridie's Typing Services

I ran two ads in the Drink Up! alerts for my video production services and received 7 solid leads with a sales potential of approximately $15,000-$20,000. Truly a brilliant result! I'd recommend advertising to anyone with a quality product that can provide some value. Bec has some great advice and really knows her audience. 

Josh Hammond, MDOAR Productions

Just wanted to let you know the SourceBottle ad worked really well! We had more than 100 nominations come through after it went out, from 500 to 642. Great result!

Mandy Griffiths

Just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I got dozens of great enquiries and great leads yesterday and over 340 hits on my website and still getting calls today. Wow! I’m so happy and I’m kicking myself I didn’t advertise with you earlier! You’ll be hearing from me soon as I’m planning to advertise again in the next few months.

Clara Cassidy, Custom Printed Bags & Boxes

We love SourceBottle, not only for Basic Bananas, but also for our clients. If you are after more exposure for your business and have a fabulous product, service or event to promote, I can highly recommend advertising with Sourcebottle. The returns are great, plus their customer service is outstanding. It is so hard to find a great copywriter to write ads that work and Bec Derrington is absolutely brilliant, creative and spot on with her copy.

Franziska Iseli-Hall, co-founder of Basic Bananas

I was a bit unsure about how active the list was going to be. After trying it out I can honestly say that if you have the right kind of offer the results will be truly value for money. I've received hundreds of new leads to follow up. Thanks SourceBottle.  

Carl Taylor, author of ‘Red Means Go!’

We used a combination of SourceBottle Text ads and Banners to get a 684% return on investment for our ads. That was the second time that we've used SourceBottle and will happily do it again in the future. The copy that Bec came up with was superb and really sold our business well. To me, it's one of the best short-term sales opportunities in the market.

Michael Halligan, founder of and

I advertised in Drink Up and on SourceBottle and have had huge results. I sold products worth more than $5,000 after taking up three advertisement spots, giving me a massive return on my investment. Source Bottle is a wonderful service for anyone wanting to do their own PR and for anyone wanting to reach quality business leads. I now recommend it to all attendees at my DIY PR Seminars.

Sue Papadoulis,

As Gen Y would say 'OMG'. The response in less than an hour has been incredible. Thank you.

Steve Allen,

We ran an ad in the SourceBottle alert for our small DIY PR website and got a phenomenal response! We are targeting small businesses and within half an hour of the alert going out we had made 3 sales, got 8 registrations on the site and this was followed by emails and phone calls with enquiries for the rest of the day. We were so thrilled and can't recommend SourceBottle highly enough. The service that we got (with a smile!) and the immediate response we got were amazing. We will definitely be advertising more in future. SourceBottle Rocks!

Jules and Simone,

I just want to say thanks. Within 10 minutes of the drink alert going out I had 5 sales of my ebook, over 20 sign up for the newsletter and 2 enquiries to advertise on the Shopping Confessions website as well as bloggers wanting to submit work. The traffic that day was amazing. To date this has been the best advertising I have done. A big thank you to the team at SourceBottle. I can't recommend SourceBottle enough. Can't wait for my next drink Alert to go out. I love SourceBottle. Happy Shopping! 

Kathy Sheeran,

We've been using SourceBottle to promote our brand and services for a five months now, and have had nothing but awesome results. How awesome? Well how about 4,386% ROI to be exact! We've experienced MASSIVE growth thanks to SourceBottle, will be continuing to use it, and are constantly encouraging our own clients to get involved. 

Chris Bates,

Just wanted to let you know had a great response to today's ads! You're a star – thanks Bec! 

Georgie Cousens,

Thanks Rebecca – we've had a great response to your ad – You have a genius site! 

Jodie Culpin,

Best. $300. I've. EVER. Spent... as a comparison, I recently spent $7,454 on a direct mail marketing campaign which generated over 5 weeks the same number of leads this has generated in 1.5 hours. Flabbergasted.

Leela Cosgrove, Strategic Anarchy 

We advertised on Source bottle, not really knowing what we would get out of it, but in keeping an open mind, we were willing to give it a go.We advertised over 2 days, in the AM and PM versions of the newsletter, both with amazing results. Total leads to us was 13 over the two days. In terms of ROI, it has been one of the most cost effective lead generation activities we have done. Highly recommend giving it a go. 

James Richardson,