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Create your own 'Expert Profile' for just $25 per month (GST inc) and we'll pitch your profile to journalists and bloggers looking for experts with your credentials and expertise - without you having to lift a finger!

This means that when a journalist or blogger posts a call out, we'll search through our Expert Profile directory for Sourcey subs who best match what the journalist or blogger is looking for, and 'pitch' your profile to the journalist or blogger on your behalf.

Not only that, your comprehensive profile will auto-attach to every response you send (as long as you're logged in when you respond), making it super easy to offer up a detailed response in no time at all.

What you'll get

In a nutshell, if you create an Expert Profile today, you'll:

  • have the opportunity for your Expert Profile to be 'pitched' to journalists and bloggers looking for experts with your credentials and expertise, on your behalf
  • only have to enter your profile details once
  • be sure that your contact details are included and accurate (making it easier for the journalist and blogger to get in touch with you)
  • submit a more comprehensive response every time, and in no time at all
  • provide journalists and bloggers with a 'trusted' link to view your profile
  • offer up more background information (including your profile pic) to help sell your story
  • be able to search the call outs using keywords, so you'll never miss an opportunity

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Just wanted to say how excited I am! I just uploaded an expert profile a week ago and I had my first journo request for content. I was initially skeptical about paying for the subscription service but now I can see it will be money well spent. Julia Taine, Vent2Me

Last year, I joined up with an Expert Profile with SourceBottle and I can honestly say it has been a huge difference in getting a response nearly every time I have submitted a response to a call out... So far, I've had two mentions with ‘The Age - Money section), Take 5 magazine, and another two articles waiting to be published. Megan A Iemma, Tech Coach HQ


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