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Tertiary students or ex-tertiary students. To talk about student pressures including financial stress.


I'm seeking an Australia-based person to talk about what pressures they were under as a tertiary student for a story advocating better support for students.

These pressures may include loneliness or social isolation, stress, study pressure, financial strain, issues supporting yourself, fee increases, debt worries, despair and worry about the future and getting a job, bullying, peer pressure, for example.

This may have led you to go on anti-depressants, seek out help, drop out of your course, self-harm, fail your course, or something else.

I am particularly interested in stories from people who did try to remedy their situation but were thwarted by things like inability to get a job, inadequate income support, unsupportive academics, inadequate college or uni counselling services, and so on.

I'd love to hear from people who would benefit from an opportunity to have their say in the media about the state of life for some students, and the difficulties and stresses many have to face.

If you might be interested or have any questions, please return email me here.

This story is for a reputable print and online media publication.


6 August 2020 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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