How to incorporate big sporting events into sports classes


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Looking for commentary on incorporating sporting events into P.E classes and sports lessons


We're looking for commentary on how teachers and coaches can incorporate major sporting events into P.E lessons and other sports classes. These include events such as the Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup, Hockey World Cup, and the Olympics.

All comments are welcomed and very much appreciated! However, you may find it helpful to focus on 1-2 of the below points in your response:

- Why should you incorporate major sporting events into sports classes?
- How can students get inspiration from major sporting events and sporting stars?
- What ways can you incorporate sporting events into P.E lessons and other sports classes?
- How can you incorporate these sports into the teaching of other subjects?

However, comments are not restricted to the above points - we just want to know your thoughts!

All comments will be attributed using name, occupation and website URL. Please include these in your response.


16 July 2019 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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