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Are natural ingredients better when it comes to skincare products?


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Looking for insights or quotes about natural vs man made skincare ingredients


I'm looking for expert opinions, quotes and insights into whether man made or natural products are better for inclusion in skincare products.

The article will look for balanced opinions on both sides and will be included on a skincare brand blog. Our range includes both natural and synthetic ingredients but excludes ingredients that could be considered 'nasties' or potentially harmful to health such as petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, vinyls and synthetic fragrances.

Topics you might consider covering in your opinions and quotes:

-Are all man made or 'synthetic' ingredients really that bad? (which synthetics are actually beneficial and not on the 'nasties' list)

-Are all natural ingredients really that good? (some natural ingredients can also be toxic - what should we look out for?)

-Challenges with creating an all natural skincare product (shelf life/mould/ efficacy)

-Organic vs natural - what's the difference?

-What should we really be looking for in a product (is natural vs man made the best measure of whether something is good for us or are there other things we should consider)

Any of your own thoughts/ insights and client experiences welcomed.

Quotes and insights featured will be given a link on our website's blog.


15 August 2018 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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