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Last Call Back Health Products and Services Special Feature


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Last Call Back Health Products and Services Special Feature


With in the region of 80% of people experiencing back pain at some point in their lives it is no shock that this sector is worth somewhere in the region of 200 billion per year! The research and development into this sector is staggering and has produced enormously successful treatments, products, nutritional supplements, gels, and entire service industries dedicated to treating and curing the conditions. Stress management, pyschological awareness, yoga, meditation, and relaxation texhniques. So many options out there and there is no reason for anyone to struggle on without help and intervention, from products and services which make a considerable difference and in many cases completely solving the problem. Lifestyle causes, work causes, all the underlying causes can be analysed and solutions found! We wish to focus on the products and services and remedies out there which make a difference for all the different causes of back pain! All submissions will be used in the guide (out end of April) and between now and May we will feature products and services on our homepages directly to the readers (we have 630,000 social media connections, incl 48K+ on linkedin, growing by 5k to 12 k per week). Please send us your submissions as this could make a real difference ot many many peoples lives. With over 35000k readers per week, 630,000+ connections on social media incl 48000+ on linkedin our readers are social, fashionable and sporty. We report on the Premiership, the France Top14 and the Pro14 competitions with a big focus on clubs & Schools rugby teams and our feature will be designed to engage with these readers and fill that particular niche of just what are the back pain solutions out there.


23 April 2018 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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