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Seeking athletes who want to tell their story of their transition and their new careers


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Athlete Stories: transition and new career


Are you an athlete who has wanted to tell your story to other athletes but had no way of doing it other than through mainstream media?

We have undertaken an exciting project which allows you to share your story within our athlete community, either by video, audio or as a written interview. It's a chance to talk about your experiences in sport so that the current generation can gain from your wisdom. You can be a current athlete or retired.

We are seeking stories about what you did (or are doing) to prepare yourself for transition, what you studied, how you went about your career choice, what you did when you realised that it was the wrong choice, what you are doing now etc. Questions can be chosen from a list which we will provide, or you can add to the list/make your own questions up. We want it to be YOUR story, so encourage you to shape it as required, but have provided a framework for you if you just want to answer questions!

This is an ongoing project and the aim is to collect stories from about 100 athletes in total from all levels, sports and locations. Our speciality is athlete career education, so the interview will focus mostly on that side of things.

We welcome assistance from PR managers, player managers, parents, or anyone who has contact with an athlete.

Here are the existing interviews:


31 March 2018 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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