Looking for a health professional who has seen a patient's health increase after taking up knitting


Australia, New Zealand

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I'm a freelance writer and I've been commissioned by a wellbeing publication to write a story about the health and wellbeing benefits of knitting. Looking for a health professional who has seen an increase in the their patient's physical or mental health as a result of knitting


This could include things like easing pain in hand joints, or lessening anxiety or depression in a significant way. Ideally I'd be looking for something tangible to illustrate this.

If you think you're right for the story, please drop me a note with a few details, and I'll come back to you to find out more. The source must be based in Australia or New Zealand.

If there are any sources who run a knitting business and have seen an increase in sales over the past year or so, I'd also be keen to hear from you about this.

Thanks, hope to hear from you.


21 October 2021 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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