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Nutritionists/Experts: Japanese diet

Date Posted: 16 April 2024

Looking for nutritionists/experts for interview on the benefits of Japanese diet.

I am looking for Australians willing to share their experience of trying to quit vaping with me, including why they want to quit; any challenges trying to quit or if it was easy; and any health improvements they have noticed since quitting.

Love decluttering?

Date Posted: 16 April 2024

Looking for someone based in Melbourne or Sydney who loves decluttering and can speak to how and why they do it. Has to be confident for TV interviews. Looking forward to hearing your story!

Cases of STIs are rising in older women in Australia but it's not a problem that's openly discussed. Seeking stories from women who have experienced an STI after age 60 to challenge taboos, build awareness and provide a platform for women.

URG: Recently semi retired? For i/view

Date Posted: 16 April 2024

Looking for a person who has recently semi retired to talk about their motivations and what they considered before doing so.

Editorial article for Mens Magazine

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

Hello everyone, for those interested in sharing their article for my project mens magazine. You can share an article attached any images, products, or contacts etc. links of online store etc. the digital will be published on my site and share as well a digital copy with you.

International Earth Day 2024 Feature

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

International Earth Day is on 22 April. We would love to feature all ideas which are entirely or have some element of environmental protection in mind in their manufacturing and even in their use. All things green fall into this category.

Recently flown to Bendigo?

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

We are looking for people who have flown to Bendigo for a holiday, and would love to be part of an online story. Please get in touch!

Journalist seeks industry experts for deep dive into recent tech innovations and market trends. Share your insights and get featured! Ideal for professionals in technology, business, and marketing. Contact us before 17th April 2024, 5 PM.

Seeking a Sydney-based millennial who has swapped partying for marathon running, rockclimbing or another sport to discuss their choice, and their physical recovery, for a piece looking at sports injuries among millennials

Expert on virtual venues for events

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

Event Planner/Coordinator, Marketing Manager, IT Director/Technology Manager, Sales Representative, Training and Development Manager - seeking answers to the questions in the body of the call out.

Looking for an Australian who snores or a partner of someone who snores. Wanting to speak on whether they went to a doctor or not and if the doctor diagnosed them with sleep apnea.