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Looking for anyone who has worked longer hours or taken on more responsibility/got promoted - without a pay rise. *Sources must be Australia-based

URG: Recently semi retired? For i/view

Date Posted: 16 April 2024

Looking for a person who has recently semi retired to talk about their motivations and what they considered before doing so.

Journalist seeks industry experts for deep dive into recent tech innovations and market trends. Share your insights and get featured! Ideal for professionals in technology, business, and marketing. Contact us before 17th April 2024, 5 PM.

Seeking a Sydney-based millennial who has swapped partying for marathon running, rockclimbing or another sport to discuss their choice, and their physical recovery, for a piece looking at sports injuries among millennials

Expert on virtual venues for events

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

Event Planner/Coordinator, Marketing Manager, IT Director/Technology Manager, Sales Representative, Training and Development Manager - seeking answers to the questions in the body of the call out.

Looking for an Australian who snores or a partner of someone who snores. Wanting to speak on whether they went to a doctor or not and if the doctor diagnosed them with sleep apnea.

Allied health education news

Date Posted: 15 April 2024

Seeking education news or story ideas relating to the allied health industry.

Wanting to speak to someone open to talk about how their libido has decreased due to untreated sleep apnea.

Did your marriage survive infidelity?

Date Posted: 12 April 2024

Seeking women to anonymously share their experience with forgiving their partner after infidelity.

Seeking women who supported their partners through severe mental illness, and came out the other side, after considering ending the relationship.

Looking for complementary medicine practitioners (acupuncture, massage etc.) that have treated, or are treating, a person with rare cancer, such as brain or sarcoma. They have to be from Sydney's north shore or Eastern Suburbs and happy to be photographed for a feature.

Comedian for Article Commentary

Date Posted: 12 April 2024

Australian lifestyle site seeks expert or comedian insights for upcoming feature. Your expertise is highly valued and will enrich our content. Benefit from increased exposure via backlinks. Please share your name, email, website, and areas of expertise if interested.