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Expert re the Business of COVID-19 Vaccines

Date Posted: 26 February 2021

We are a business podcast looking to speak with an expert about the business behind COVID-19 vaccines. Looking for answers to questions such as, "Who stands to make the most money from it?" "Is it actually profitable?" and to dispel any myths around it.

Looking for Australians who have experienced a confirmed case of influenza and is happy to share story with the media.

NUTRITIONISTS for guest posts

Date Posted: 26 February 2021

We are looking for qualified Nutritionists to write guest blog posts for our health and wellness platform Wellhub. Topics are open for discussion! Your author bio and picture will be included, along with any social media links you want added.

Hi, Looking for a psychologist to provide a quote on the mental health benefits of travelling with a toddler. This is particularly in the context of the pandemic and for parents who don't have babysitters so they can take a trip without their children

MAKER Spaces and Maker Organisations wanted

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

Do you have a school makerspace or does your company have a makerspace you'd like featured in our magazine? We're looking to interview innovative Makerspaces for our next Future Learning magazine for STEM Punks. The Maker Movement is the theme for this issue of Future Learning.

Tips on Men's Connection

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

Grassroots men's health charity seeks tips on connection for men from experts for our well-read blog and community - www.mrperfect.org.au

World Sleep Day is around the corner and my client, a leading Australian bedding company, is looking for experts to contribute to their blog in exchange for a dofollow link, social media promotion and possible feature in their eDMs.

Looking for small businesses in Australia who have designed their own websites and can share tips about how others can do it. Not necessarily ecommerce.

How have you used tech to help with parenting?

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

Looking for a parent to describe unique ways they have used technology to help their kids. Whether that is tutoring websites, virtual parenting support groups or specific YouTube channels.

Female marine biologist

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

National magazine looking for a marine biologist to take part in an "ask me anything" article about topics like staying safe in the ocean and the damage done by plastic and litter.

Want your partner to be a bargain hunter?

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

Looking for Aussies who would fancy traits about saving/bargain hunting in their partners. i.e. shared approach financially and how important this is.

Have you co-branded?

Date Posted: 24 February 2021

Looking for companies that have co-branded in the past to feature in an article. How did the co-brand go? What were the pros/cons?