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What is a Grad Dip or Grad Cert in health?

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

We are seeking a healthcare professional who can comment on the differences between a graduate certificate and a graduate diploma, to help prospective students be aware of the differences between these course levels, and how each may benefit them and their career.

URG: Underquoting house or apartment prices

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

Looking to chat to anyone caught out by underquoting in Melbourne. Have you been to an auction where the sale price has flown well above the quoted price range on a property ad? Are you frustrated by inaccurate price ranges? For a story in a major daily paper.

Business Expert wanted for magazine article

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

Looking for a business expert to provide tips on how to stay focussed in the rush to the end of the year.

Looking for Finance Experts

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

Finance experts wanted to write a column on how to plan for the festive season.

Merger and acquisitions activity in Australia

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

1) What is the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in activity in Australia? 2) What industry is most open to M&A activity? 3) How much M&A activity will stem from overseas companies wanting to consolidate in Australia? 4) Can we expect M&A activity in 2024 to be active?

Kids who love playing tennis

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

Looking for parents of kids of all ages who play tennis either for fun or for competition.

How to position your brand and grow?

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

From entrepreneurs and startups, to business leaders and large organisations, Ticker News Insight is the accessible program to help audiences understand your story and share industry insights. Join us on Ticker News Insight to discuss the latest in your business ventures.

Child psychologists, parenting experts, behavioral therapists, and early childhood educators needed to discuss the phrases you should say to stop a child tantrum.

Have you refinanced?

Date Posted: 28 September 2023

If you’ve refinanced your home loan for a good reason - to save money, to renovate, to travel etc - we want to hear from you! For national property site.

Looking to speak to relationship experts or others versed in this area about the important role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren, what they offer etc. Looking to get responses as soon as possible.

Is it getting easier for first home buyers?

Date Posted: 27 September 2023

A national news site is looking to speak with real estate experts about whether it’s getting easier for first-home buyers to enter the property market. This is sponsored by a real estate product.

Thai Food Expert

Date Posted: 27 September 2023

Seeking an independent Thai food expert for media opportunities.