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Scammed selling second hand goods online?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Have you ever been scammed selling second hand goods online? Looking to chat for an online news article.

We are seeking mothers based in NSW and VIC, across all age groups for case studies on how and why they celebrate Mother's Day, and what Mother's Day means to them.

Looking for people who have lived experience of youth homelessness, or who have been at-risk of experiencing youth homelessness. Either currently, or in your past.

French expats living in Australia

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Are you a French expat living in Australia who has noticed differences in Australian homes and how we live in them compared to France? We'd love to chat to you for an article on how homes and living styles differ.

French cleaning/decluttering/lifestyle

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Looking to chat to experts with knowledge in French cleaning, decluttering and home philosophies, hacks, concepts.

Interior stylists on French styles

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Looking for a stylist or interior designer to discuss what French provincial and modern Paris interior style is and how to get the look. Ideally would be able to supply images as well to illustrate their expert commentary.

Job application horror stories

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Mid to Senior Level Job Applications - Horror stories on unacceptable communications & cruel recruitment responses.

St Leonards residents & business owners

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

I'm writing a suburb profile on St Leonards NSW and looking for residents and business owners to tell us what's great about the area .

Who sells interesting lighting online?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

We're doing a blog compilation of interesting online retailers around Australia who sell unusual floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, wall lights and outdoor lights. We are not looking for a Beacon Lighting business. What makes your lights different? What type do you specialise

Scams on Facebook Marketplace?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Have you recently encountered a scammer on Facebook Marketplace when trying to sell an item?

Our What's On blog is doing a compilation blog post of wine tour businesses in Australia who provide guided tours. What makes yours different? What do you include?

Prepared for Cold & Flu Season?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

We'd love to chat with anyone is who set to be prepared for this cold & flu season. Perhaps you've suffered a few cases of cold & flu, and are always making a last minute dash to shops for supplies. We want to hear how you're getting ready for the cold & flu season.