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If you have a story about something going terribly (or even just minutely wrong) on your travels in Europe - and perhaps this is where your travel insurance came desperately in handy, get in contact with us. We want to hear your weird, whacky, crazy and unfortunate experiences.

Are you heading to Paris for the Olympics?

Date Posted: 19 July 2024

if you're jet-setting to Paris for the Olympics, we'd love to hear from you!

Shocking relationship stories

Date Posted: 19 July 2024

Seeking women who have experienced a difficult, shocking or surprising relationship. Perhaps your mum had an affair with your husband, you found out something devastating about your own partner, anything really!

Female-centric personal health stories

Date Posted: 19 July 2024

I'm seeking women to share their personal health stories - for example, conditions being dismissed by doctors, overcoming a major health battle, someone special supporting you/or failing to, a rare condition etc.

Looking for people who don't feel like they were supported by their workplace while grieving. For example, forced to come back to work too quickly etc. \ Can be anonymous.

Hoping to speak to those who have had a difficult experience in relation to navigating aged care for their parents or grandparents.

Looking for successful and unusual businesses to interview. Please get in touch!

Looking to speak to a small biz/SME owner who's struggling to stay afloat in the current economic climate, either by rising operational costs or wage increases. *Sources must be Australian-based.

Looking to speak to an Aussie who dismissed their partner for s-x, then later realised they were sleep-deprived.

We are doing an article on Private Chefs for Gourmaze. The Manos Brothers offers premium private chef and catering services in Southern California, specializing in personalized, high-end dining experiences for events ranging from intimate dinners to large gatherings.

Are you a passionate writer, entrepreneur, or expert in your field? Women's Biz Magazine is on the lookout for talented women who want to share their insights, experiences, and stories in our upcoming editions.

Looking for experts (and case studies) to include in a long-form article on misogyny in boys and teens.