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Radio promotion

Date Posted: 14 July 2020

Access Darwin listeners with your fantastic product through our awesome ‘Win on the Web’ promotion on mix1049fm.com.au

Can a baby's star sign really predict what sort of temperament it will have and if it will be a good sleeper? National online news site is wanting to interview astrologists and baby experts on their thoughts about star signs and baby development.

A start up making news?

Date Posted: 14 July 2020

Australia's premiere streaming news network is taking expressions of interest for interviews. If you are under 45 with a story in start up, business, lifestyle, beauty digital, or branding - get in touch.

Becoming a chef

Date Posted: 14 July 2020

Are you an expert in the culinary industry? Do you have experience working as a chef? We'd love to add some quotes from you to support this article: https://www.training.com.au/ed/chef-career-guide/ You'll be mentioned by name, credentials and position, with a link.

European/Asian/Middle Eastern schools often have 2 shifts, one morn, one afternoon, so the same school infrastructure can be used by two lots of students (and teachers altho' some teach both shifts). Would this work for Australia? I'll also be including some OS examples.

Summer Drinks & Recipes!

Date Posted: 13 July 2020

Feature on Summer Drinks & Recipes

Art historian or expert needed

Date Posted: 13 July 2020

I am writing a piece about famous artworks and mental health, looking at four artworks. I'd like expert comment about each as to what we know about each artist's state of mind when they created these and what each piece might represent (Goya, Pollock, Van Gogh & Munch).

Holidays for single mums in Australia

Date Posted: 13 July 2020

Travel expert needed for easy family holiday ideas and inspiration

Share your story on how your business industry has changed due to the virus. Do you think the changes will continue into the future? Will your business benefit from these changes? In return, receive a FREE forever list on our directory at www.promotingaustralianbusiness.com.au

Forbidden relationships

Date Posted: 13 July 2020

Are you in a relationship with someone which might be controversial or scandalous? Perhaps you married your step-brother or son's friend? Or maybe you met the real love of your life on your hen night? We're a women's magazine looking for unusual love stories & can pay for stories

Stories of fate

Date Posted: 13 July 2020

Did fate bring you together with someone? We're a women's magazine looking for incredible stories of fate. If you have an amazing story of fate that led to you finding the love of your life, send us a message with details about your story.

Looking for parent and teacher case studies who are willing to chat about their experience with meditation apps during the COVID-19 crisis.