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Looking for people who have lived experience of youth homelessness, or who have been at-risk of experiencing youth homelessness. Either currently, or in your past.

Weight loss stories

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Looking for strong weight loss stories from Aussie or NZ women, please send through photos of before/after. Thanks!

Job application horror stories

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Mid to Senior Level Job Applications - Horror stories on unacceptable communications & cruel recruitment responses.

We're looking for transformations for businesses in these industries: - PPC - SEO - Web Design If you have a client in one of these industries whom you've helped transform, we'd like to hear from you. Your story will be featured across SavvySME and beyond.

Does WFH flexibility keep you in your job?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Looking for case studies of people who value work from home flexibility highly, to the point it would motivate them to stay put at a current company or make you want to move to another if your company is trying to get you back into the office.

St Leonards residents & business owners

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

I'm writing a suburb profile on St Leonards NSW and looking for residents and business owners to tell us what's great about the area .

Prepared for Cold & Flu Season?

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

We'd love to chat with anyone is who set to be prepared for this cold & flu season. Perhaps you've suffered a few cases of cold & flu, and are always making a last minute dash to shops for supplies. We want to hear how you're getting ready for the cold & flu season.

URG: Dog owners

Date Posted: 4 March 2024

Looking for someone with a pet dog, preferably in Sydney. Must be available for pics or have good supplied shots.

German food and lifestyle bloggers

Date Posted: 2 March 2024

I'm searching for German food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, restaurant owners, and even mommy bloggers or DIY bloggers if you have a recipe category on your site. Please answer this question in about 200 words: What are the top three traditional German foods tourists must try?

I'm searching for nutritionists, doctors, diet experts. Please answer in around 200 words: What strategies can people use to increase their fiber intake and improve gut health? I will link to your website and email you when the post goes live. Looking for original content only.

Am writing a comprehensive round-up of the best fitness trackers for 2024 for a leading news and lifestyle publication and would love to include quotes from an expert in the field of health, personal training, or fitness who can speak to the benefits of fitness trackers.

Experts on the validity of 'life coaches'

Date Posted: 1 March 2024

We would like to speak to qualified experts about the rise of 'life coaches', 'fertility coaches' and 'health coaches'. Any opinions welcome.