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Are you a bird nesting parent?

Date Posted: 21 June 2024

HI I am writing a story for an international newspaper and I am looking to interview a separated parent or parents who are currently moving in and out of the family home and leaving the children in the house while the parents move to a flat or somewhere else.

Hi, I'm looking to speak with Mums in Australia who have experienced homelessness to learn more about their experiences. It will be a 1-hour Zoom interview; chosen applicants will be compensated for their time.

The topic is: how to set up a t-shirt (or hat or other type of apparel or accessory) of the month club I'm working on an article about a t-shirt of the month club where I'll cover why consumers like t-shirt of the month clubs, why they're profitable, how to set one up and more.

We're looking to speak to women who have spent large on their engagement proposal/engagement party versus their wedding or impending wedding.

Looking for regional businesses that have been impacted by the recent cancellations of major festivals like Caloundra, Splendour in the Grass and Groovin the Moo etc. Do you have a food truck, a merch business, or perhaps a camping shop that would have serviced festival-goers?

Dangers of endurance racing

Date Posted: 21 June 2024

Hi, I’m hunting for someone who has become seriously ill as a result of endurance events, or someone who has lost a loved one at one; either an Ironman, ultramarathon or other. Please email sarah.ingram@metro.co.uk

Struggling with the cost of heating?

Date Posted: 21 June 2024

Looking to speak to someone who is struggling to afford their heating bills.

Seeking guests with sectors of interest (business, finance and tech) Share your perspective weekly with updates from your industry and ideas around what the future holds. Great opportunity for content generation and our audience who is looking to learn. - Details upon request

If you're a parent and have experienced lunch box shaming or anxiety from judgement over your children/s lunch box, we would love to hear more from you!

Living with your ex due to cost-of-living?

Date Posted: 21 June 2024

Are you currently living with an ex-partner following a divorce or separation due to the cost-of-living and housing crisis? Must be comfortable to share your story with media.

Hi, I’m looking for 100 to 150 word quotes from nutritionists or medical doctors. It will be on the topic of “What type of diet should a mesomorph eat?" It would be great if you can give practical steps for people with a mesomorph body type.

Unlocking the secrets to efficient refrigeration and sustainable kitchen practices! I'm seeking insightful commentary. Will be national media coverage and relevant websites. Acknowledgments for all contributors. Thank you, Anya