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Looking for businesses which buy / import products from China eg shopping bags, crockery, shopfront decor etc through cross-border or online. Looking for views on prices

Book Reviews

Date Posted: 10 July 2020

Are you looking to partner with a professional publication, and are an expert in the field of Book Reviews?

We're looking for a Melbournian family who has taken time during COVID lockdown to better understand their money.

We are on the hunt for SMBs across Australia and New Zealand, who have been using social media to find new ways to operate, keep the business afloat, and employees on the books. We're looking for customer facing SMBs in retail, tourism, hospitality, and exports.

We are looking for someone who has a motivational and inspiring saving story to tell – who has saved for their dream home, holiday, a new business or wedding in a short amount of time, despite financial uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Fit or lazy dog owners

Date Posted: 10 July 2020

Looking for people who were lazy during COVID-19 lock-down and didn't exercise or exercise their dog. Maybe your pup got a bit fat or lazy in iso? Or maybe you used that time to get super fit with your dog and walked it everyday and want to keep that up after iso!

Dog owners!

Date Posted: 10 July 2020

Looking for people with amazing stories about how they relied on their dogs during COVID-19 lock-downs or isolation. Did you adopt a new dog to keep you company and keep you positive? Does you dog help you manage your mental or depression?

Seeking owners of short-term accomodation to discuss easing of border restrictions, interest in short term stays, and future plans Queensland only please.

Story about property, wills and blended families. Are you in a blended family and worried about how to divide property in your will?

Seeking your opinion - Would you eat the new vegan 3D printed steak?

Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers business podcast is looking for songs performed by successful business people.

Productivity at Work

Date Posted: 9 July 2020

I need a 2-3 sentence quote for either of the following tips: Set self-imposed deadlines/Prepare a To-Do List the Night Before/Cut Down Your To-Do List/Set small goals/Take exercise breaks/Minimize interruption