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Radio online and on air giveaways

Date Posted: 12 December 2019

NT Broadcasters are looking for giveaways for our awesome listeners!

Are your cakes ART?

Date Posted: 12 December 2019

Do you make crazy cakes that look like fish and chips, sharks, or castles? If your cakes are quirky then Australia's most popular real-life mag wants to hear from you. You'll get full copy approval. Thanks!

Phthalates in Children's Toys

Date Posted: 12 December 2019

I am looking to speak to someone with either a science or medical background who can speak to the issues of phthalates in children's toys and the health risks associated with this product.

If you own an online store or sale products/conduct business online we want to hear from you.

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Pet Care

Date Posted: 11 December 2019

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Topics On Pet Care

Fire risk assessments

Date Posted: 11 December 2019

What are fire risk assessments? - Who do they apply to? - What is involved?

The UK Newspaper is publishing a series of insightful articles exploring steps businesses, governments and individuals can take to tackle climate change and the environmental crisis.

Mango peeling hacks

Date Posted: 10 December 2019

Do you have a creative and unique way to peel a mango? We're looking for creative hacks, tips and tricks to peeling the messy fruit! We've heard of using a glass, and twisting the fruit, but we're on the hunt for the next best hack to peeling and enjoying the summertime fruit!

Looking to talk to SMEs that use collagen in their products

Stories worth investigating

Date Posted: 9 December 2019

Looking for Sydney stories worth investigating into. Nothing is off limits. Please reach out if you are interested.

Looking for Sydney retail managers

Date Posted: 9 December 2019

Looking to speak to retail managers who may be working longer unpaid hours in the lead up to Christmas, and hear your thoughts and its impacts on you.

Have you been affected by the NSW fires?

Date Posted: 9 December 2019

Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people affected by the NSW bushfires for a feature in a trade magazine. I'm interested in talking to you about your insurance claims and any legal issues you're facing in the recovery. Please reach out.