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Looking to speak to small owners that have fallen victim to predatory loans as a way to get out of debt. Something that had huge interest rates of repayment, unfair terms etc. As the industry isn't properly regulated.

Media coverage opportunity for hotels. I'm writing a big travel piece for a glossy magazine that sells internationally to high earners/DINKs. I'm looking for a hotel to partner with in São Paulo, Brazil, over its Pride festivities. Dates: 29 May - 4 June.

A Gen Z living paycheck to paycheck?

Date Posted: 23 May 2024

Are you a Gen Zer who is navigating the challenges of living paycheck to paycheck? Have you ever been underpaid or feared underpayment?

Looking for media releases for good video opportunities for socials.

Have you recently bought a home in St George or The Shire suburbs? We'd love to hear why you bought in this area and why it appeals to you / why you love the area. This is for a story on the rise of property buyers in the Southern suburbs.

I am writing a blog on the topic "Best Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations". Any information regarding the topic would be wonderful.

Tips for funding for your business

Date Posted: 22 May 2024

Looking for a paragraph response from entrepreneurs and business owners on their tips for funding for their business

Over-50s farmer fighting food waste

Date Posted: 22 May 2024

Keen to chat to an over-50s farmer about their experience with food wastage, and how they’re working with communities to combat the issue. Require a quick phone interview.

Travel agents on river cruises wanted

Date Posted: 22 May 2024

We're looking for travel agents to share their experiences and photos while river cruising, ideally while on famils or on trips with their business.

Houseboat owner for i/view + pic

Date Posted: 22 May 2024

Seeking a Sydney-based houseboat owner or renter to discuss the pros and cons of houseboat holidays amid a rise in demand - to be photographed please

Seeking Entomologists + Zoologists! to dive into the intriguing world of Asian hornets for a short doco feature. Let's decode their behaviour, impact on ecosystems, and potential management strategies. Join us to shed light on these buzzing creatures!

Experts on decarbonising aviation

Date Posted: 20 May 2024

Seeking a range of experts on decarbonising aviation in australia, to cover overcoming major challenges, current state of play and timeline, alterantives battery-electric aircraft, hydrogen-powered aircraft and SAF.