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Environmental Sustainability

Date Posted: 10 July 2020

Are you looking to partner with a professional publication, and are an expert in the field of Environmental Sustainability?

We are on the hunt for SMBs across Australia and New Zealand, who have been using social media to find new ways to operate, keep the business afloat, and employees on the books. We're looking for customer facing SMBs in retail, tourism, hospitality, and exports.

Seeking owners of short-term accomodation to discuss easing of border restrictions, interest in short term stays, and future plans Queensland only please.

Seeking your opinion - Would you eat the new vegan 3D printed steak?

Articles on Gardening - Food For Home

Date Posted: 9 July 2020

Are you looking to partner with a professional publication, and are an expert in the field of gardening?

Case Study: Looking to speak with someone who used their time during lockdown to explore vegan cooking and start eating a vegan diet (or a flexitarian diet) and has decided to continue eating this way.

Sustainability Experts

Date Posted: 9 July 2020

Looking for experts to comment on environmental sustainability in medical practices

The news streaming network Ticker TV - is looking to engage with creatives and business minds from industries with a focus on digital media! Seeking people who are looking to share their stories within the world of business and entertainment via a LIVE TV interview!

Former Fox Sports News anchor Adrian Franklin heads up Ticker's LIVE afternoon news programs and wants to hear from YOU. As a business owner or entrepreneur we want to know how you’re turning these challenging times into opportunities?? All innovative ideas welcome.

Looking to interview innovative business owners and entrepreneurs right around Australia! If you are involved with business, tech, lifestyle brands, innovative new products and services - How are you managing the COVID-19 pandemic?

Looking to interview start ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners for a daily news site covering stories related to the future of work, retail, business, travel and more. Get featured!

YOUR inspiring STORY of transformation

Date Posted: 9 July 2020

We are seeking inspiring stories of transformation that will bring hope and motivation to people (fields of environment, sleep, remote working, home safety and security, smart home technology).