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URG: Employment law expert needed

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

I'd like to speak with an employment law expert for a magazine (70k+ circ) and website article. The topic is how flexible do you need to be around starting/finishing times - audience is electrical contractors. It'll be great to give them some definitive guidance.

URG: Geopolitical Expert for comment

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

I need an expert to discuss what the Russian fighter jet attack on a US drone means for Australia. Should Australia be concerned that its military equipment will be sabotaged by Russian forces?

Are you sober curious, living sober or in recovery and happy to share how this impacted you at work? If you’ve opted out of a work social event, or felt excluded in the workplace due to being sober, we’d like to hear more about your experience.

People and Culture expert to comment on workplace values - I need someone to answer a few questions about why values are important in the workplace, and how you can ensure they're communicated and followed. Quick turnaround required to a few questions via email.

Expert on Investment Properties

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

Expert on Investment Properties: Seeking an expert to discuss what to look for in an investment property over a 10-15 minute interview. Discussing what makes an ideal location, design, and price range for an investment property and what trends investors should be aware of in the short-mid term.

A small business recovering from floods?

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

A small business recovering from floods? Looking to profile a small business getting back on its feet.

Inflation and small business

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

Inflation and small business - Looking for experts to interview about this.

Hi there, looking for workplace psychologists to interview about whether we de-value 'business as usual' tasks at work.

URG: Finance expert re cost of living

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

I want to speak to an expert on the cost of living verses Centrelink payments.

Small business POS experiences

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

Are you a small biz owner who has recently changed your instore POS? We'd love to hear about your experience - the why, what and how of your POS set up including what works, any disadvantages, benefits, unexpected outcomes.

Stories on in-demand careers/career trends

Date Posted: 20 March 2023

I write career stories weekly and am looking for some fresh ideas on in demand careers/career trends.

The consumer is about to embark on the most complex and expensive purchase of a lifetime. Depending on the location this could be from $500K up to $2M+. Any project of this size requires thorough preparation. What are the main issues that cause stress during this process?