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Expert re the Business of COVID-19 Vaccines

Date Posted: 26 February 2021

We are a business podcast looking to speak with an expert about the business behind COVID-19 vaccines. Looking for answers to questions such as, "Who stands to make the most money from it?" "Is it actually profitable?" and to dispel any myths around it.

Sexual assault in the workplace

Date Posted: 26 February 2021

Seeking comment from a person who can speak about their personal experience of sexual assault/harassment in the workplace in Australia.

We're a business platform for female entrepreneurs in Australia and part of what we do is share stories and articles full of insights to help women in business. We are after contributors for topics that will help them in business. Full author attribution given.

The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted organizations into recalibrating their business models around technologies to operate in an unforeseen social distancing economy.

Mental Health and Business

Date Posted: 25 February 2021

We’re seeking articles with expert advice on taking care of mental health in the workplace.

With Britain finally counting down to the end of lockdown, focus is being turned to the policies and changes that we need to make to revitalise Britain. The UK Newspaper is publishing a series of articles exploring the question: What Would Make Britain Better.

Have you co-branded?

Date Posted: 24 February 2021

Looking for companies that have co-branded in the past to feature in an article. How did the co-brand go? What were the pros/cons?

We’re looking to interview inspiring Entrepreneurs, Athletes and/or Adventurers living outside the comfort zone for our next Outlier TV Series.

Are you prioritising doing your thing in 2021?

Date Posted: 23 February 2021

Whatever your thing may be – career driven, creative, educational or recreational - we’re looking to speak with Australians from all states who are doing their thing or making their goals and ambitions come to life in 2021.

Case studies - Personal finances

Date Posted: 23 February 2021

We're on the lookout for people who would be happy to be featured as potential case studies in future articles. We're also looking for people who would be interested in recording a week in their financial lives for our Money Diaries.


Date Posted: 23 February 2021

We are looking for case studies who have a range of interests including travel, retail, business, study who would be willing to be interviewed by media, and feature in photographs or video.

Seeking groups that help newcomers adjust and meet others.