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Business Game Changer Magazine is publishing a Success in Business series of articles offering insight and advice on running a successful business. Can you submit an article?

As a business, have you ever been a victim of cyber crime where someone either hacked into your systems or stole your identity or data or asked for ransom for returning information? We would like to know the details.

Regional personal finance stories

Date Posted: 19 September 2019

Looking for interviewees

Looking for article contributors about buying a business

Looking for article contributors for business partnership topics

Unexpected bank fee?

Date Posted: 18 September 2019

Looking for someone who's had an unexpected bank fee.

Bitcoin for the unbanked

Date Posted: 18 September 2019

Fintech for the unbanked in the Asia Pacific

balance transfer credit card story

Date Posted: 18 September 2019

Looking for someone who has used or is using a balance transfer credit card.

Small business owner who has faced failure?

Date Posted: 17 September 2019

A new podcast series on business owners who have faced failure.

Small Business Idea or Entrepreneurial Venture

Date Posted: 17 September 2019

I want to Feature a story of a Small Business Ideas or Entrepreneurial Venture for my Startup Wannabe Readers.

Senior Sales and Marketing Execs Needed

Date Posted: 13 September 2019

Looking for senior sales/marketing execs (CMO, CRO, VP, etc) to comment on software buying

Inherited money or disputed a will?

Date Posted: 12 September 2019

Want to talk to people with stories of wills gone wrong. Did this happen to you? Or someone you know?