Guidelines for posts via the 'FIND A SOURCE' service

What we DO publish:

Posts by journalists and bloggers seeking sources to interview, quote or contribute to a story.

What we DON’T publish:

  1. Posts that seek payment for being quoted or appearing as a source, or posts that engage in advertising to, or solicitation of, subscribers to buy or sell your products or services. 
  2. Posts by students or for university assignments.
  3. Posts seeking participants for surveys, research, competitions or to attend events.
  4. Posts seeking articles of 350+ words, unless it's an occasional guest blogger/expert contribution request and you provide full attribution. (Full disclosure of website/publication is also required.) 
  5. Posts requesting chapter contributions for a book.
  6. Posts for speakers, staff, consultants, photographers etc. or venues for hire.
  7. Posts for product samples for reviews, unless you’re acting on behalf of a verified media outlet. (Otherwise, these types of posts are only accepted via the ‘Find Giveaways’ service.)
  8. Posts from PR professionals for sources for media pitches. (These types of posts are only accepted via the ‘Find a Case Study’ service.)
  9. Press releases and promotional messages.
  10. Posts for case studies for promotional materials/campaigns.
  11. Duplicate posts.