Want to contribute to Spin the SourceBottle?

We're all about: Publicity; PR; Media Relations; Blogging; Content Marketing; Pitching - the good and the ugly; Influencer Marketing and the media generally.

So, if you like to write about any of these topics and/or the ‘next big thing’, send your pitches to: contact@sourcebottle.com marked "Spin the SourceBottle pitch" in the subject line. (Please don’t send fully written contributions before receiving the ‘A-ok’ from us that we’ll publish your post. We'd hate you to invest the time unless we’ve committed to it going ahead.)

And while we’d love to respond to each and every pitch we receive, let me say a big ‘thank you’ from the SourceBottle team in advance, as we sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of submissions we receive. 

When published, your post is likely to get noticed by approximately 100,000 members of the SourceBottle family in the ‘Drink Up!’ alert, tweets via @SourceBottle and @becderrington and posts via www.facebook.com/sourcebottle

Contributor guidelines

Posts need to be relevant to Sourcey subs, which means they need to be on topics related to those outlined above.

We also reserve the right to edit and amend your post before publishing, including your headline.

When submitting a post (after we've given you the go ahead), please supply the following:

  1. Any relevant links, attributions and images (including photos of the people who are being described in your story, where appropriate) you'd like included. 
  2. A short bio of 2-3 sentences and the hyperlink to your Expert Profile, if you have one.
  3. Your post in final draft copied in the body of the email AND attached in a word document. We like our posts to be between 500-1,000 words.

Advertising inquiries:

Sorry but we don’t accept posts that simply advertise or promote a product or brand.

If you would like to advertise with us, check out our Advertising page for our audience details, specifications and rate card.