12 Jun 2013

I hate it when a response to a ‘call out’ on SourceBottle goes through to the keeper simply because the person submitting the response has entered their details incorrectly.

What do I mean?

I’m talking about when someone responds to a call out by firstly, addressing all the criteria in the call out, and secondly, submitting their response well in advance of the expiry date, but nonetheless the confirmation email bounces back to us because they've entered their email address incorrectly.


The reason I hate this is because despite going to all that effort to respond, it's more than likely been in vain.

I also dislike the fact that the journalist or blogger concerned will probably be frustrated that a perfectly good potential source is out of reach, and that the sub will probably blame SourceBottle for the fact that they just never seem to get any responses from journalists and bloggers.

I also know that most journalists or bloggers don't have the time to try to 'guess' what that person had meant to write. In other words, what is that person's correct email address? They might even think that it’s not a legitimate response.

Since we receive over one hundred bouncebacks like this each week, this is not something we could afford to ignore any longer. And so we now offer subs the chance to create and store a complete 'Expert Profile' that automatically attaches to each response sent.

Now, this is not a sales pitch, but I do want to say that if you're serious about connecting with journalists and bloggers, this low-cost option is a great idea for you.

For just $7.95 p/m, you'll:

  • only have to enter your profile details once, instead of every single time you respond.
  • ensure your contact details are included and accurate (making it easier for the journalist and blogger to get in touch).
  • submit a more comprehensive response every time, and in no time at all.
  • provide journalists and bloggers with a 'trusted' link to view your profile (which you can use anywhere you need to attach a profile). You get your own URL.
  • offer up more background information (including your profile pic) to help sell your story. 

And aside from just ensuring journalists and bloggers can reach you in response to this call out, by offering up your Expert Profile, complete with information on your story, your blog, your background, whether you’re available for interviews and photographs (if appropriate), you might just find they get in touch with you directly next time. 

And while that’s not so great for us, it’s good news for you. :)


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