11 March 2013 Guest Contributor

A loooong time ago, a decision was made at SourceBottle HQ to include a brief description of a sample of the call outs (since that's all we can fit in) in the subject line of each Drink Up! e-alert.

This was in response to an article by Brendan Lewis ('Why I ignore your emails') explaining why he felt people were not being enticed to open SourceBottle's Drink Up! e-alerts when the subject line merely noted the date the alert was sent (which was true, at the time). The unfortunate reality was that he was right.

Our other main concern was that people were missing out on call outs because the topics they chose fell short of, or differed from the topics the journalist or blogger chose when posting the call out - despite their relevance.

Please understand that we offer a highly customised (free) service to ensure you aren't bombarded with irrelevant media leads. But please also understand that while we can tailor the Drink Up! e-alert, we can't tailor the subject line.

So, if you find that your Drink Up! e-alert's subject line contains a call out that isn't in the body of your individual email, just login and you can SEARCH OUR ENTIRE DATABASE of call outs using relevant keywords (again, for free). Simple. It will take you no more than a few minutes.

And perhaps you might need to adjust your topic selection to broaden your search to ensure you don't miss out of these call outs in future e-alerts.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.

Keep smiling!