28 October 2016 Bec Derrington

With the silly season almost upon us, here are some tips on how to piggyback the current news cycle to get 'cut through' and generate much-needed publicity as a result.

To get the ball rolling, November is the month of...


You too can hop aboard this caboose (characterised by Tom Selleck lookalikes), if you've got a product or service that's related to men's health - both physical and mental. Think fitness, exercise, vitamins, dietary support products or assistance/support for stress and lifestyle-related mental health issues.

Spring Carnival

This is the month for high-end fashion and fashion-on-a-budget brands alike. But with heavy competition for coveted attention at fever pitch, you'll have to 'push in' by making a statement with a product/fashion item that's  innovative, new or bold. But the season can also be a time when we spend a little (or a lot) on the race 'that stops a nation'. And for those of us who offer support services to people with gambling problems, you should have in the ready a series of tools for the media to use, like help guides and tip sheets to assist journalists more interested in covering the serious side of gambling.

World Vegan Month

To ride this wave, your product or service needs to demonstrate a commitment to the overal vegan philosophy of supporting animal welfare, the environment and living a healthier life. Take this opportunity to (perhaps) highlight possible sustainability issues with competitor products and the benefits of using your product on said animal welfare, general health and well being and the world around us. Or perhaps take an opposing viewpoint and argue your own cause, which may not coincide with this growing global movement. (The media loves a strong opinion... and conflict, of course.)

Asbestos Awareness Month

If you're in the DIY or home improvement space, this is a timely opportunity to chat about this important health message - what to look out for and how to manage harmful asbestos. Think tip sheets, advice lines, and where to go to for professional help. Likewise, if you're in medical support services or in the legal industry, now's the time to share important insights on the support available.

National Recycling Week (7-13 November)

Planet Ark founded this week to improve the positive environmental outcomes of recycling by increasing community awareness, collection rates and minimising contamination of recycled materials. If you're also doing something that supports the environment (be it in the way you're producing a product, or services that recycle preloved materials and reduce waste), fly the flag.

Walk to Work Day (11 November)

Brought to you by Diabetes Australia 16 years ago, this annual event goes some way towards educating people on the health benefits of getting active. If your product or service does the same, take a moment to 'lean on' this national campaign to get your own message out. Think fitness brands, medical professionals and even psychologists who can also highlight the mental health benefits of daily exercise. I'm also looking at YOU Mr and Mrs Employer. Why not take this moment to showcase your commitment to staff health.

World Kindness Day (13 November)

This movement encourages us to look beyond ourselves, our geographic boundaries, our individual cultures and our religions and find commonalities as citizens of the world. It's an important message and timely for anyone whose product or service also 'walks' this message by highlighting their own education events, case studies or initiatives that showcase their efforts to demonstrate kindness towards, and acceptance of, our global community.

Of course, there are plenty more significant events in November including:

  • Remembrance Day (11 Nov)
  • Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week (13-19 Nov)
  • World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (15 Nov)
  • Internation Day for Tolerance (16 Nov)
  • World Prematurity Day (17 Nov)... and more.

Whether or not you can piggyback your message on any of the November events listed, I'm hoping that just by sharing some suggestions, it's helped you think creatively about how you can make more of what's happening this month, and every month. Until next month...(good grief, it's December!)...