09 June 2017 Bec Derrington

Even the most thriving, successful business has quiet periods when there isn't much going on, but this doesn't mean you should sit back and do nothing when it comes to your PR.

Maintaining a consistent level of visibility is important for your brand identity and credibility – without a regular stream of content, your business could quickly fade into the background.

So how do you get the PR love when there's no news to shout from the rooftops? The creation and promotion of evergreen content is the solution to seasonal slow periods, and it’s a strategy that every business should consider employing.

So what is evergreen content?

Unlike news stories and industry updates that are usually time sensitive, evergreen content is always relevant. It can be published at any time of the year, and your audience will still find it useful and interesting.

Why you need evergreen content

Creating a steady flow of evergreen content is a great way to get your business featured regularly in the media and increase your visibility online.

Here at SourceBottle, we recommend you have at least three evergreen pitch angles ready to go, so you can jump on opportunities and keep the momentum going all year round.

Evergreen story ideas can also be used in your regular content creation – they are ideal for blog posts, video content and social media to help engage with your audience and generate leads long after the content is published.

What types of content are considered evergreen?

Evergreen content examples include how-to guides, tips and list style articles. Anything that isn't tied to a specific season, time of year or current event can be considered evergreen, and the rest is up to your imagination.

Needless to say, there is a lot of evergreen content out there. This means that if you are going to use it successfully, your evergreen ideas need to be very specific and tailored towards your audience. Try to avoid being too general if you want to have a chance of being noticed by journalists who are always looking for a new approach to a popular topic.

If you can develop a fresh angle on an evergreen topic this will help to make your content more appealing to audiences, and give you a greater chance of getting a story published by the media.

Where can you find inspiration?

It can be a challenge to think of evergreen content ideas – if you're struggling to find inspiration or you’re stuck for a good evergreen story angle, here are a few of our suggestions:

  • TOP FIVE OR 10 WAYS TO DO SOMETHING: List posts are a great form of evergreen content and they are very popular with readers. Try to think of a unique spin on a typical problem your audience might be dealing with. The more creative your approach, the more likely it will appeal and stand out from the rest of the content that’s out there.
  • HOW TO GUIDES: Think about something that your audience or customers want to achieve and give them a step-by-step roadmap to doing it.
  • HOW TO AVOID COMMON PITFALLS OR PROBLEMS: Rather than telling people how to do something, you can take the approach of creating content that tells them how to avoid a common issue.

There are plenty of different ways to create evergreen content and it is always a good idea to have a few ideas up your sleeve. This way, if you get the opportunity to connect with a journalist you will have something ready to pitch.

Building up a good base of evergreen content is a fantastic marketing strategy for any business. Because it's relevant all year round, evergreen content is extremely valuable, whether you're pitching to the media or engaging directly with your audience.