06 January 2022 Bec Derrington

Like some of you, I've been busy doing everything BUT work over the Christmas/New Year break, but nonetheless, great articles poured into my inbox in my areas of interest - namely media relations, newsjacking, publicity generally, along with content and digital marketing tactics and practices - and wanted again to share.

So here's my list of 'Top Shelf Reads' for January (which I will continue to update throughout the month) to earmark those articles I believe are worth a special mention. 


  1. How PR pros can land coverage with new online outlet 'Grid'
    "The media landscape continues to see massive upheaval—but it’s not all bad news. While local print journalism continues to decline, online outlets continue to launch and find audiences looking for context and nuance. Grid has joined the fray to give, in its words, 'avid news readers clarity on the stories that matter most.'" 
  2. 4 tips from working PR pros on writing your press release
    "Sometimes a press release isn’t a good use of time and resources."
  3. 3 ways the pandemic has changed media relations forever
    "For PR pros, the rules are always changing—but the last two years of COVID-19 have accelerated an already rapid cycle."
  4. Crisis Prep and Reputation Don’t Count, or Do They?
    "It might be too early in the year to be cynical. The new year is time for a fresh start, not negativity. Yet the cynic wonders why 2022 will be so different from 2021? Won't C-suite executives again eschew crisis preparation?"
  5. The Top-8 Writing Tips for 2022
    "Happy New Year! As we say farewell to 2021, let’s resolve to use these writing best practices in 2022..."
  6. Storytelling tricks that help nonprofits make an impact
    "Consider these five tips to make your campaigns find new audiences and stick with them over time."
  7. Is 2022 the Year You (Finally) Embrace the PESO Model™?
    "And, as I am wont to do at the start of each year, we have a PESO Model™ primer: why you need it, why your communications program should evolve, how to measure it, and why executives love it."
  8. 13 Worst Corporate Comms Disasters of 2021
    "PRWeek reveals the biggest reputational flops of the year – from sexist International Women’s Day campaigns to warring cakes and racist 'banter'."
  9. What comes after the Great Resignation? How PR teams can navigate the waters
    "The Great Resignation of 2021 — sometimes called the Big Quit — made headlines this year as hoards of employees quit their jobs. No industry went untouched, including public relations. So what exactly spurred this movement and how did it affect PR teams? Even more important: What can we do to prepare our teams for the next phase that experts have predicted, the Great Reshuffle?" 
  10. Facebook’s Pushback: Stem the Leaks, Spin the Politics, Don’t Say Sorry
    "Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg drove response to disclosures about company’s influence; sending deputies to testify in Congress." 
  11. 5 themes that will define PR in 2022
    "Here’s how the trends of the year ahead will change the work of PR pros—both within their agencies and across client portfolios."
  12. 2 ways for media relations pros to stand out in 2022
    "To find the ear of busy gatekeepers, quality will matter much more than quantity."
  13. Brands Can’t be Truly Accessible Until Audio Is Part of the Plan
    "Everyone consumes content differently...Just as you have a set of brand guidelines for your visual identity, voice, and tone, you should have a set of standards for your audio and sonic branding."

Missing something?

Hit me up in the comments with a January article you feel must be included!