SourceBottle, Where Are My Drink Up! Alerts!?

28 September 2023 Bec Derrington

While we're a publicity service helping get your great stories in the hands of journalists and bloggers when they need it, we're still heavily reliant on being able to get our Drink Up! Alerts (emails) delivered to you in the first place.

And NOTHING upsets us more than hearing that our Sourcey subs have stopped receiving our Drink Up! Alerts, when it's not by choice. 

Why our Drink Up! Alert emails get blocked

There are several reasons for your email service provider (ESP) to block us. But the most common reason is that your ESP wrongly believes that we're sending you spam. (Wha? How very dare they!)

Sure, we can understand why this might be the case. We know that sometimes our call out subject matter can be... ummm... misunderstood. And in an effort to protect you against unsavoury emails, these pesky ESPs block our emails from your inbox.

How to ensure we're a recognised 'Safe Sender'

Nonetheless, YOU are the boss and so what YOU say goes. This means that if you want our emails delivered tout suite, you can ensure your ESP knows by whitelisting our domains ( and so we're recognised as a 'Safe Sender'.

For comprehensive instructions on how to do this with your particular ESP, you can Google search: 'How to whitelist an email address in [your ESP]' and you should see step-by-step instructions on what you need to do.

Alternatively (because why re-invent the wheel?), Campaign Monitor has put together this very useful guide (updated regularly) that covers off how to tackle this issue for every conceivable ESP and spam filter around. (Respect.) 

What to do if we've suddenly gone AWOL

So, if we suddenly just stop popping into your inbox...

Here's what you can do...

STEP 1: Engage with us!

Firstly, you need to show that you want our emails, so you need to engage with our earlier Drink Up! Alerts (the ones that DID make it to your inbox) by clicking on the links etc. (This helps demonstrate trust in the sender.)

If you don't have any earlier emails, check your Spam/Junk folder for one.

If you don't have any there either, hit us up as this might need help from above. ;)

STEP 2: Open an earlier Drink Up! Alert 

To ensure we don't get sent to your Spam/Junk folder again, open any old Drink Up! Alert, and right click on the email to reveal the 'Options Menu' and 'Junk' option.

See below. You're aiming for the 'Never Block Sender's Domain' option.

STEP 3: Download our images

Open any Drink Up! Alert you can find. You’ll see an alert in the message header giving you the option to 'Click here to download pictures…'.

Make sure you click on this and select the option: 'Add Sender to Safe Senders list'.

And ta da!!! We'll be back in your inbox in no time!!!

That should work, but...

...if, despite taking ALL of these proactive steps, our Drink Up! Alerts are still locked out of your inbox, hit us up and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Wishing you publicity success!

PS: Are you receiving FREE publicity opportunities, straight into your inbox?

No?!! (Wha?)

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