28 May 2019 Annette Densham

There is nothing more exciting that opening the newspaper or clicking on a link to see a story about you. You have been persistent in seeking our media opportunities and are now seeking the fruits of your labour.

These days there are just so many ways for people to get news that your ideal audience may not see your story. We are hit with over 5,000 messages per day. Many pursuing the third-party credibility of media can become frustration that even though they scored a great win, they do not get the traffic they expected.

PR is all about dropping lots of breadcrumbs, over lots of platforms, to get in front of the people you want to know you, like you and trust you. How do you do that with the limited amount of time we have each day, in and around all the other things we have to do as business owners.

That is where that almighty tool 'leverage' is your best friend. You can take one media win and use it in multiple ways to ensure maximum exposure.

Email automations 

With many of us encouraged to build our email database, you have a valuable tool within your grasp. If you have developed a robust sales funnel with personalised automations, you can send a link to your media story to your list. A great way to share with your already engaged audience. This will further cement your expertise and authority in their heads.


This is a four-prong approach. Use your personal and business profile to share the link to the story, driving traffic to the website an encourage your friends and followers to share the story with their friends and followers. Also share it from the media’s social media pages; they’ll like you doing that. Plus share the link into Facebook business groups – there are so many people you can inspire and encourage buy sharing as well as putting your business in front of prospective customers without feeling like you are self-promoting.


If you are active on LinkedIn (or have been thinking about it; it is never too late), share the story there. You can use it to connect with a new contact and share your knowledge with them.


Create a media page on your website where you can showcase the media releases you have written as well as the logos of the media outlets who have covered your story. Make sure you hyperlink the story to the logo.

Social media

Create a new banner for your profiles linking to the article or interview on your website (you want to direct people there because that is your real estate). Use an attention-grabbing headline to draw them in.

To make it easy, I've put together a quick tipsheet here: LEVERAGING YOUR MEDIA WINS TIPSHEET
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