26 Jul 2013

Ok, I'll say this upfront. I'm not worthy. 

So when I received an email from Mamamia a few weeks ago, letting me know that I was selected as a finalist in the Most Clickable Women Awards, I was MORE than flattered. I was SHOCKED! (Wha?! You mean the team at Mamamia know I exist?)

Sure I've been running SourceBottle for four years, and the service is all over social media like PR Pros on a media opportunity, but still. It's Mamamia. And I'm a big fan.

Aside from that, have you SEEN the other nominees?! Yup. There's Sarah Prescott (Thankyou Water), Julia Bickerstaff (The Business Bakery) and Kelly Baker-Jamieson (Edible Blooms) to name a few. Not to mention Zoe Foster Blake, Nikki Parkinson and Mrs Woog. Riiiiiight. Like I'm not a long shot.

But even though I don't stand a chance, I'm throwing my hat in the ring, after placing my iron in the fire, and setting fire to my hat.

So, if you agree with me and think I'm not worthy, no worries. But vote for someone in the running because these women's incredible efforts to embrace social media deserve every bit of recognition.

But if you've found the SourceBottle service just a little bit useful (and love supporting the underdog), perhaps, just perhaps you could cast your vote for me?


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  • Bec Derrington, 30 July 2013

    Thanks so much Andrea. And I am proud of the achievement. But while I'm not trying to be a poor role model to women, I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed to be among such incredible women. Nonetheless, I'll try to be a little more graceful in my acceptance of the honour. :)

  • Andrea Culligan , 30 July 2013

    Congratulations! well done, but please don't say you're not worthy. In this world and time of women seeking equality, the more we lessen our achievements, the more we look like poor role models to our future. Celebrate your success, rapture in it - but you deserved it fair and square. Humility is nice, but this is business...enjoy and show the rest of us how we should respond - with grace and acceptance :)

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