28 November 2013 Bec Derrington

It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing or have nothing to say. It’s just that I’m not as disciplined as I’d like and honestly struggle to find the requisite time to invest what’s needed to create the insightful and fascinating content I know Sourcey subs demand and deserve.

Passing the baton

So I’m passing the baton to you. Sure, I’ll do the occasional post, but I expect ‘Bec’s Blog’ will showcase the smartest and wittiest musings of members of the SourceBottle family. We’ll publish a new post each week and share it among our social media audiences, and write a brief teaser at the base of the SourceBottle ads that day.

This will mean that your post is likely to get noticed by up to 60,000 members of the SourceBottle family in the form of a 'PS' in the ‘Drink Up!’ alert, tweets via @SourceBottle and posts via www.facebook.com/sourcebottle

We're about: Publicity; Public Relations; Pitching - both good and bad; Blogging/The Media; Content Marketing

So if you like to write about any of these topics and share your insights about the ‘next big thing’, check out our Contributor Guidelines and send your pitches to: contact@sourcebottle.com  (Please don’t send fully written contributions before receiving the ‘A-ok’ from us that we’ll publish your post. We don’t want you to invest the time unless we’ve committed to it going ahead.)

And while we’d love to respond to each and every pitch we receive, let me say a big ‘thank you’ from the SourceBottle team in advance, just in case we get overwhelmed by the number of submissions we receive.