How to Write an Unforgettable Blog Post in Under 60 Minutes

18 December 2022 Eliza Medley

Writing an article for a blog is one of the critical tasks of any copywriter. The quality of your content directly affects your reach, clicks, views, and other metrics, like conversions.

But more often than not, writing an article takes time, and even with all that effort, it doesn't always produce results. In fact, in many cases, the reader either forgets about the post or (worse) doesn't read it at all. In this short article, we'll figure out how to write an unforgettable blog post in under 60 minutes.  

How are blog articles helpful? 

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Interesting articles for a blog are a kind of post, only more informative, with constructive and informative content for a specific audience. Preparing texts for the site, you form your style and manner of presenting the material. Qualitatively written text, which also causes a viral effect, will bring you the desired result - demand and monetary reward.

The best articles for the blog allow you to get into the top search engine results, as well as to deliver your positioning to the client. However, it is not always easy to write a blog article, even for an experienced copywriter. After all, you must possess the appropriate knowledge, think creatively, make unorthodox decisions, and show your results properly. 

"However, it is not always easy to write a blog article, even for an experienced copywriter." 

To achieve your desired result, don't stop there. Work hard on your mistakes, develop creative ideas for a blog article, learn information from different sources, and keep an eye on new products and trends in a specific area to share information and attract new visitors who might become customers down the track. You can also use auxiliary services for writing quality articles like Serpstat and Sermrash for finding keywords, services to check the uniqueness, essay writer, and others.

How to write an unforgettable blog post?

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For your article to consistently produce results - you need to learn how to write an unforgettable blog post. Many experienced copywriters use the following algorithm to make their content as structured, simple, and clear as possible.

Step 1: Determine the target audience for which you want to write an article

The first step is to determine the article's target audience. The key point to being able to write an article that will be interesting and in demand is to understand just who you are writing for.

Fill in the demographics of the potential reader you want to attract to the site. This will help build a collective 'image' of your target audience segment. That way, as the article progresses, you'll mentally (and therefore in writing) refer to this image by way of the text. 

"Fill in the demographics of the potential reader you want to attract to the site." 

Once you start to understand your audience's problems and goals, you'll craft the article so that it helps your readers solve their problems or achieve their goals.

Step 2: Choose an article topic

The next step is to choose a topic. After describing the collective image of the audience, it's much easier to identify the goals and pain points of the audience and, accordingly, choose a topic for the article that will meet their goals, problems, or interests.

Step 3: Outline your article.

An outline of your future article will help you work out your priorities, hold your reader's attention, and create an unforgettable article for your blog. 

  • Come up with a headline for the article. The headline is one of the most essential parts of an article as it helps motivate your audience to read on. Even the most exciting and helpful content might be overlooked if it's lumped with a lousy headline.
  • Think about how to write the introduction to the article. The beginning of the article and the title play a huge role in motivating your target audience to read it from beginning to end.
  • Problem. Describe the problem of the target audience that you raised in the article.
  • Solution. Outline how to solve the identified problem.
  • Reason. Explain why 'your solution' will help the target audience solve the problem.

And remember, every minute you invest in planning saves ten minutes of labour. 

Step 4: Analyse your competitors 

Gather your thoughts around possible improvements on your competitors' sites, and make a clear structure for the main body of the text. Use the resulting structure as H1-H6 text subheadings.

 In conclusion, go over the main points again, draw conclusions and give recommendations on the article's results. 

"...go over the main points again, draw conclusions and give recommendations on the article's results." 

 It will also be beneficial to add comparison tables, checklists, templates, interactive elements, etc and make a gift to those who have read your article to the end!


The effectiveness of any blog post depends directly on your preparation before writing it. Use these recommendations and you should be able to write an unforgettable blog post in under 60 minutes. But remember, quantity does not always equal quality, and the need to promote content has not disappeared.

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