How To Promote And Get Publicity For Your Book

12 January 2021 Bec Derrington

You've done the hard part – you wrote a book. Whether it was traditionally published or you took the indie approach, marketing is now YOUR responsibility. But how?

Here are some tips to promote your book to get that much-needed publicity to boost book sales.

Promote Yourself Over Your Book

It's important to remember that people often gravitate towards a book because they already know the author. Whether you're crafting entertaining fiction or informative non fiction, much of the book's promotion is about who YOU are instead of what your book is about.

This self promotion can take a number of forms, including:  

  • As a guest on a podcast
  • Being interviewed on local TV and radio, or popular YouTube channels
  • Offering up a guest post for a relevant blog/s

Naturally, the more exposure you get via any of these means, the more audiences get to learn about you AND your book (and will more likely part with their cash on your latest title).

Know Your Audience

Not everyone is going to want to read your book. But just knowing who isn't likely to read it is just as important as knowing who is and the more you know about your audience, the more your efforts to promote your book will bear fruit.

Answers to questions like...Is it geared towards a male or female audience? Is there a certain age range? Is it better for people who are married or unmarried, or with or without kids? What do they do for fun?

Knowing the answers to questions like these demonstrates you really know your audience and their consumption habits and can have meaningful input on where you invest your promotional efforts.

Create a Media File

You never know when you're going to be asked about your book. To ensure you're in the ready, create a shareable media file that includes a quick media pitch about your book, reviews, the back-cover blurb and picture of the cover, as well as 'buy' links, so people know how to purchase the book - either as a paperback or an eBook.

Provide Giveaways

Don't hesitate to offer up giveaways to the media as a way to get your foot in the door. In fact, many producers and show hosts love guests who are able to do a giveaway to everyone in the audience, or supply prizes for a contest. And the giveaways don't have to be limited to your book, but can include branded swag that can be related to your book, like stress balls, keychains and pens, each with website and how-to-buy information.

Write a Press Release

Sending a well-written press release to select, targeted media is still a powerful way to capture the media's attention. However, to ensure journalists take you seriously, your release needs to be professionally written - even if it means paying someone else to write it for you. 

That's because a press release is the foundation of your promotions. And as such, you need to ensure you don't confuse your message by adding multiple angles into a single press release. Instead, write two press releases. Or three. Or as many press release variations as you have newsworthy angles, since some media contacts may prefer one angle over another based on the type of media outlet and audience. Do your research to know what each journalist wants and then give it to them. 

Get Creative with Your Media

Regardless of the topic of your book, you will have competition. In some instances, there may be thousands of other titles vying for the same attention, sometimes less, but either way you must get creative when you pitch your story. This might include getting graphic teasers about your book or a book trailer produced. Be bold. Be different. And most importantly, be remembered. 

Work with Bloggers

Bloggers are the heart and soul of the book industry, with many already having the ear of your target readers. That's why it's your job to not only connect with relevant bloggers, but to also give them a reason to promote your book to their audience. Reach out through an email or strike up an online conversation over social media, ahead of your outreach.

Take Action

There are countless ways to get your book in front of your target audience, as long as you adopt a creative approach and take action. 

But if you're keen on sitting back and letting opportunities find you, sign up for free media leads service SourceBottle today. You'll start getting relevant publicity opportunities in your inbox straightaway. 

Best part? It's free and might just be the boost your book needs.