20 December 2021 Bec Derrington

When writing a press release in the days of old, you'd always focus on a mental shortcut - aka a 'heuristic' - when assessing whether the release quickly answered the likely questions a journalist might ask. Questions like: What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? How did it happen? 

But most importantly: 'WHO did it happen to?'

The 'who' behind any story is usually part of the leading attraction. But being able to easily identify 'who' is reading your story or blog post is fundamental to its success, since the answer will shape the piece and determine whether it nails its landing... or flops like a fish. 

But how do you ensure the posts you write are appropriately tailored to your target audience? You map out who they are...by pondering some important questions.

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(Coming soon... how to brainstorm topic ideas and create an easy-to-use publishing schedule for 2022.)