11 July 2012 Bec Derrington

Ok I’ve just scraped through the two worst weeks of my life so far. Yup. We just moved my family to another house, in another city, in another state. The hardest part? Taking my eldest son out of his wonderful primary school and finding him another to slot into. The easiest part? There was no easy part. Period.

But what this meant for SourceBottle was that I wasn’t as responsive to many of the sponsors’ requests or to administer the service ‘on demand’ as I ordinarily would. And some people were quite annoyed with me as a result. To make things worse, this just happened to coincide with SourceBottle’s official launch in North America and a speaking engagement to Aussie ‘Mum/Mompreneurs’

Sure, being overloaded with work or life events isn’t noteworthy. But it did make me consider how to best deal with upset clients and what I could learn from the fortnight’s fall out. And I did learn something basic, but fundamental. I learnt that direct honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

I found that when I was honest about the reasons why I perhaps hadn’t measured up to my sponsors’ expectations, not only did they start to appreciate what I was going through, they were downright sympathetic! Sure, they still needed me to meet my obligations to them, which I did, but ‘coming clean’ actually appeared to enhance rather than hinder these relationships.

So what’s my nearly four-year-old got to do with this? Well, ‘cause he’s nothing but direct and honest, every minute of every day. Even when I wish that sometimes, just sometimes he’d call a spade a shovel, and not highlight the long strand of hair growing from nanna's chin.