03 February 2021 Guest Contributor

Publicity for a lawyer translates into greater visibility and recognition of your expertise and means that you're 'top of mind' should a need for someone with your skills and experience arise. But how can you achieve this without wasting time or using the wrong strategies? This post offers up 10 suggestions that will help you better access to much-coveted publicity, as a lawyer.

1. Sign up for SourceBottle 

If you want to get access to media call outs specifically for your expertise, the most obvious thing to do is to get these free media leads sent directly to your mail inbox. SourceBottle sends you up to two emails per week day, which you can customise to hone in on opportunities that should have your name on them. Best part, it's free to receive these media leads. By responding to these call outs and becoming the 'go-to' expert whenever a legal mind is required for media interviews, you're greatly increasing your visibility. 

2. Convey emerging trends 

Working closely with journalists will give you the much-desired publicity. As soon as there is new knowledge in your field, reach out to journalists who will be glad to be the first to let the world know. In the process, you will be quoted as a source of the information.

3. Develop backlinks 

Identify people in your industry or public figures who appeal to you and follow them on social media. Visit their websites and leave comments if what they share is related to your practice area. Such statements provide backlinks to your website, which improves your findability by search engines since 75% of people only search the first page of Google.

4. Create a social media presence 

Make your presence clear online through various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. You will be able to connect, engage, and interact with your current and potential clients. This is where you can link up with others in your industry and compare notes. If you have website articles, social media provides the appropriate platform for sharing them.

5. Excel in customer service 

A satisfied customer will spread the message about your service. Make it a habit to offer high-quality service promptly each time. If your clients know what to expect from you, and you keep your part of the bargain, you are sure to get more referrals from them.

6. Build a brand 

Identify a consistent message that resonates with your audience. It should pass you off as unique, reliable, and proficient in what you do such that your target market has a reason to hire you. Confirm that you have the same communication in all your offline and online marketing channels.

7. Enlist your services in legal directories 

Your publicity receives a boost when you are listed in a legal directory. This is because 74% of prospective clients look for lawyers online, and 87%  of people hire the lawyer they contact. Such a directory, therefore, makes it easy for people to find you.

8. Establish a PR schedule 

Cultivate your PR by consistently distributing press releases/media statements about you and/or your law firm. Post the news on your website and distribute it to media distribution services like Handle Your Own PR. If you schedule regular press releases say, monthly or quarterly, journalists will notice you and seek you whenever they need information in your area of expertise.

9. Enhance your credibility with your target audience 

Authentic evidence in the form of customer reviews and testimonials portrays you as trustworthy. Snapshots of any awards you have received can also boost your credibility just as case studies, which will rubber stamp your authority in the legal field.

10. Have a blog section on your website 

To have a website is a step in the right direction but having a blog section is the ultimate trophy. Consistently write high quality and interesting blogs on topics revolving around your practice area and watch your website traffic grow.

Take your time to build your publicity and consider it as an investment. Done right, you will reap the benefits for many years to come.

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