About Bec Derrington

As a veteran public relations professional and working mother, Bec Derrington knows efficiency.

Combining the duties of taking care of small children with her career as a PR professional made her work with the utmost precision so that each moment of her day was productive, which is why the relationship between journalists, public relations professionals and businesses irritated her. Journalists were inundated with unsolicited PR pitches with no relevance to their beats/rounds. Conversely, thousands of interesting subject matter experts and businesses were going unnoticed because journalists stuck to their usual sources, rarely digging into the daunting list of emails where unusual, inspiring sources lay undiscovered. The whole dynamic was extremely inefficient and what’s more, Bec realised no one was winning – least of all readers who wanted fresh perspectives from credible, thought-provoking sources.

Ever the enterprising ‘mumpreneur’, in 2009, Bec developed an answer to this ongoing issue – SourceBottle, a communication platform specifically designed to connect journalists and bloggers with case studies and subject-matter experts. SourceBottle has changed the media landscape by helping journalists identify fresh, unrecognised sources quickly, and by giving businesses and PR pros a platform to communicate with journalists and bloggers who have specific, immediate source needs. Today, SourceBottle serves users across Australia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. 

Bec's entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to embrace change are among her greatest assets. She launched SourceBottle in 2009 and is considered an industry thought leader on global PR services and entrepreneurship. Bec lives in Melbourne with her husband and three sons.