Fleur Filmer

B.Commerce - Marketing & Hospitality Management UNSW
Certified Business Coach (Behavioural Coaching Institute, London)
Strategic Marketing planning | Content Writer | Social Media Strategist & Manager for SME & Entrepreneurs
25 years an Entrepreneur having founded 4 businesses in my native Australia and Hong Kong.

I've been an onlince marketer for 9 years with expert knowledge in social media for leads and conversions, marketing strategy and content creation.
Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing Planning, Product Development, Content Creation, Writing.
Family, the beach, the outdoors and travel, learning and education, reading
My mission is to simplify marketing for small businesses. Whether that means managing all of their marketing assets on their behalf or teaching them how to do it themselves or a combination of both. I love business, I love marketing and I believe that every business should uncover their unique story to best communicate with their market.

Over my 25 year career, I've worked in many industry verticals, namely; Import, Export, Wholesale, Retail, eCommerce, Consulting and Mentoring.

My roots are in the Gift and Homewares industry marketing niche products to retail and corporate. I have always, and remain, very involved with product development and factory negotiations in both Asia and Europe.

I have Owned 5 businesses (most concurrently), 4 in Australia and 1 in Hong Kong. I have sold two of the businesses and currently own and run 3 with a combination of Australian based suppliers and a virtual team in the Philippines.

My expertise lies in listening to my clients and quickly identifying methods to strategically and cleverly attract their target market to their particular product or service.

I now specialise in Strategic Marketing planning, Social Media Strategy & Implementation, Blog, article & eBook writing and Content strategy.

I work closely with my clients here in Australia and am finding a niche with expert and niche businesses, mainly in the B2B space.

I am a passionate Entrepreneur with a keen dislike for belittling terms such as "Mumpreneur" (have you ever heard of a Dadpreneur!???

My clients have included BMW, David Jones, CGU, Australian Geographic, Balmain, Building Designers Association, Coles and Netregistry as well as many entrepreneurs and talented business professionals.

I've also written key chapters for 3 marketing and business books and contribute regularly to HuffPost Australia.
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