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Cate Scolnik

Canberra, Australia
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Advanced Certificate in Coaching (completing)
Parenting strategist, writer, coach and Mum.
Cate has been helping people for over 20 years, and researching parenting strategies for over a decade. She currently helps parents raise resilient children, create dazzling lives, and return to work with confidence.

Cate has worked in both corporate and government environments, and has direct experience of the career vs parenting tug-of-war. She is also a mother to two boisterous girls.
1) Raising positive, resilient children
2) Creating work-life balance that works for the whole family
3) Returning to work strong, confident, and in control, after having a baby
Reading, writing, families and what makes people tick!
After becoming stressed and burnt out myself, I found myself barely functional, and taking out my frustration on my family. Not pretty.

But, I worked out how to turn my life around, and how to stop it happening again. Now I want to empower other working mothers to stop the madness.

Working mothers need tools to manage their lives, create boundaries, find work-life balance, and raise positive children. I give them those tools.