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Michael Sloan

Melbourne, Australia
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Certificate IV in Mortgage Lending from the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, accredited mortgage consultant, qualified property investment adviser and holder of Full Real Estate Licence.
Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Successful Investor, an independent property investment advisory firm.
Award winning mortgage broker for 8 years, I launched The Successful Investor in 2009. TSI is a company that specialises in helping everyday Australians invest in property. My team and I have now helped our clients invest in over one billion dollars’ worth of property.
Property investment
Spending time at our property in Mt Toolebewong and following Melbourne Victory.
My story is not what you may expect. I left school at 15 and worked as a painter and decorator for over 20 years. In my 40’s I decided I didn’t like the way my life was going so I changed it. I re-educated myself and took whatever roles I could find that meant wearing a suit and not overalls. I started selling advertising door to door and moved from job to job, each one a step up from the last. Eventually I was offered a role in Melbourne and a few years later started a mortgage broking business. We specialised in loans for property investors and my eyes were opened in a big way. The more I saw of the real estate industry, the more disillusioned I became with the questionable methods I witnessed. Manipulative sales techniques. Unethical practices. Pressure tactics. In my early years as a broker I met and interviewed well over a 1,000 investors and potential investors. So many of them set themselves up for failure by falling for the 'great story' spun by property spruikers. I saw a need for someone to do things differently so I moved out of broking into property. I launched The Successful Investor in 2009 and follow a process call the 'The Formula to Successful Property Investing'. (Also the title of my new book due early 2016). The Successful Investor is a family business – I am the Managing Director and my wife powers the engine room of day-to day operations. To complete the family involvement, our son Xavier is TSI’s Relationship Manager. My team and I have now helped our clients buy over one billion dollars of property.

I have a unique tell-it-like-it-is style that not everyone agrees with but I tell it as I see it. My commitment to providing free information was recognised by NAB in 2012. They felt I was the right fit to provide content to the ‘Help and guidance’ section of their website. My various articles can be found by putting my name in the search box on the home page.