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Marney Perna

Brisbane, Queensland
Diploma Kinesiology
Cert IV Kinesiology
Cert IV Small Business Management
Senior First Aid Certificate
JP Qual
Author - Creating Calm amid Chaos
Kinesiologist and Women's Health Educator
Having overcome the stigma of being both a high school dropout and a stay at home mum, I founded and created a successful and thriving small business, Kinique Natural Therapies. Gaining my qualifications, at the tender age of 46, in my chosen field of Kinesiology, enabled me to become a registered professional kinesiologist and natural therapist.
My clinic has celebrated over 12 years in business and I have facilitated over 1000 therapeutic consultations. My experience over many years in assisting my clients in their health journey, showed me, that stress was at the very basis of all ill health without exception. This led me to create a simple and easy stress management protocol that could help address the impact stress was having on a person’s life.
When searching for a simple book that explained stress and the impact it has on health and wellness, I cound’nt find one, so I wrote my first solo authored book, Creating Calm amid Chaos. It is now available in print form as well as an audio book, especially for those who find reading challenging.
Several of my clients have found kinesiology so empowering and life changing that they have gone to become kinesiologists. I also provide mentoring to students, new practitioners and small business owners.
Although I was predominantly a shy person, I have discovered a passion for sharing my skills and expertise by presenting workshops and though public speaking events. One of my personal highlights was speaking to the audience at the Brisbane Convention Centre at the State Disability Awareness Convention on self-care and stress management. I am a regular invited guest speaker for organisations, business groups and conferences.
After speaking to a group of ladies who were members of a global volunteering organisation, Soroptimist International, I was so impressed with their passions and projects, that I happily accepted the invitation to joined the group and am now on the executive committee of the Soroptimist International Moreton North Incorporated branch. I have also become proficient in securing over $46K in successful grants to help run our projects and public events.
Stress management, kinesiology, natural therapies, women's health and wellness, business mentoring
My personal interests include my family, pets and home and I love reading fantasy novels. I was the primary carer for my parents who lived in a granny flat on our property until my mother's passing a couple of years ago. I have always had a good relationship and a keen interest in assisting the elderly to live a more functional life. Another of my passions is volunteering for a Not for Profit, Soroptimist International (SI) and I am an active executive member of the local branch SI Moreton North Incorporated. Soroptimist International is a global NFP that educates, empowers and enables women and girls to have a voice. We advocate for change.
In my quest to find a better health solution for a family member who became very ill, I discovered the natural therapy, kinesiology. My fascination for kinesiology and the concept of a more holistic approach to health and wellness continued as I saw the positive difference it made in their life.
I had left school at 15 and work in various administrative rolls before leaving the workforce to be a stay at home mum for over 15 years. Suddenly and surprisingly at the tender age of 46 I made the momentous decision to embark on a career. I went from being a high school drop out to become a registered, professional kinesiology practitioner and subsequently a small business owner.
My passion for helping people cope with stress, ignited a fire within me to write a self-help book on simple stress management techniques, titled "Creating Calm amid Chaos" to share my experience of health and well-being strategies. I have become well-known as a “stress buster” and am regularly invited to address conferences, groups and network events as well as co-hosting a monthly international radio show.