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Primarily Sydney, but also LA, New York & London
* Certified Fitness Master Trainer (Aust)
* Certified Personal Trainer (Aust)
* Certified Group Fitness Instructor (Aust)
* Certified Battling Ropes Master Trainer (USA)
* Certified AlphaStrong Sandbag Master Trainer (USA)
* Certified AlphaStrong Sandball Master Trainer (USA)
* Certified Police SWAT Fitness Specialist (USA)
* Certified Tactical Athlete Coach (USA)
* Certified Tactical Strength Coach (USA)
* Certified Athletics Coach - Middle & Long Distance (Aust)
* Certified POSE Running Coach (USA)
* Certified CrossFit Running Coach (USA)
* Certified Lvl 1 CrossFit Instructor (USA)
* Certified CrossFit Kettlebell Coach (USA)
* Certified Hand to Hand Kettlebell Coach (USA)
* Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor (Aust)
* Certified Exercise for Rehabilitation Specialist (Aust)
Celebrity Transformation Coach
* Over 30yrs Experience in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Bootcamp Instruction & Athletics Coaching
* Over 25yrs Experience in Tactical Strength & Conditioning (Military, Law Enforcement & Fire / Rescue).
* Former Fitness Director - Australian Men's Health Magazine
* Former Resident Fitness Writer - GQ Magazine
* Former Australian Infantry Soldier
* Rapid Transformation Coaching for Film, Television & Stage
* Tactical Strength & Conditioning (Military & Law Enforcement)
* Run Coaching (800m to Multi-day Ultra-marathons)
* Fitness Innovation
* Celebrity Fitness
* Fitness & Lifestyle Writing
* Sport, Fitness & Lifestyle TV Presenting
After a 16yr hiatus due to a fractured spine, I was inspired to return to competitive distance running by my wife in 2013. Since then I have had considerable success including:

* Two-time National 50km Silver Medalist
* Hunter Gatherer 50km (Texas) - two-time Overall Winner & Course Record Hold
* Palm 50km Ultra (Florida) - 1st Place & Course Record Holder
* State 50km Track Championships (Vic) - 1st Place
* Ocean Breeze 10km (California) - 1st Overall & Course Record
* Hall of Fame Half Marathon (Ohio) - 2nd Overall & 1st in Masters
* Bold & Brazen New Year's 21km Double (California) - 1st Overall
* Wings for Life World Run (Western Australia) - 3rd in Australia
* Awesome 80's 10km (California) - 1st Overall
* Brazen Trail Half Marathon (California) - 2nd & 3rd
* LA New Year's Double - 5km & 21km (California) - 3rd Overall
* Centennial Ultra 50km (NSW) - two-time 3rd Overall
* Centennial Ultra 100km Relay (NSW) - 1st Mixed Pair
* Centennial Ultra 100km Relay (NSW) - 3rd Overall
* Under Armour Mountain Race Ultra Relay (Vermont) - 1st Pair & 5th Team Overall
* Portsmouth Marathon (England) - 19th Overall

Our running escapades have been featured in a number of magazines, and we were featured together on the cover of UltraFIT Magazine's running issue.
Along with my wife, nutrition coach Emilie, I probably best known for the jaw-dropping eight week transformations that we have achieved for Aussie entertainers including:

Pete Murray - Guy & Jules Sebastian - Osher Günsberg - Rodger Corser - James Stewart - Larry Emdur - Kylie Gillies - Uli Latukefu - Manu Feildel - Zoe Ventoura - David Campbell - Sophie Dillman.

As a result we have built a reputation as Australia’s preeminent Rapid Transformation Experts, with our programs being featured in literally scores of publications around the world including GQ, Men’s Fitness, Men's Health, SHAPE, UltraFIT, ALPHA, Women's Health & Fitness, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Health, FHM, Women’s Health, Readers Digest, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, The New York Times, and many others.

Our transformation clients have achieved such dramatic results that they have been featured on the covers of some of the most popular fitness & lifestyle publications including Shape, My Mad Methods, UltraFit (twice), Men's Health (5 times), Men’s Fitness (7 times), and GQ Champion (7 times).

Over the years I have held the position as Resident Fitness/ Transformation Expert and contributor to a number of publications including Contact, CLEO, UltraFIT and GQ, and was Australian Men's Health's first Fitness Director.

I have also guest edited a special Tactical Athlete issue of UltraFIT, which required me to select all contributors, and to set the overall direction and look of the issue.

Before joining the team at GQ I was named by the magazine as one of the Top 20 Aussie Game Changers, along with such respected individuals as Baz Luhrman, Cate Blanchett, Goyte & Joel Edgerton:

I have appeared on the covers of UltraFIT & Acceleration Magazines (along with Emilie), My Mad Methods Mag, and the COACH section of Men's Health.

Throughout the years I have been featured on, and consulted to, dozens of national & international television programs including – Biggest Loser Asia, Sunrise, TODAY, Gladiators, Run for Glory (BBC1), Wide World of Sports, Nerds FC, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and The Footy Show amongst others.

I studied TV Presenting at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and am extremely comfortable in front of the camera.

In recent years the Ten Network has commissioned two 1hr documentaries following some of our more specialised fitness events, The Longest Day™ and Survival Run™. Emilie and I presented on both programs.

In 2014 Em & I were contracted by Under Armour to select, train and mentor the first national World's Toughest Mudder Team. The team went on to place 2nd in the event despite one member completing the last 16hrs+ of the event with a collapsed lung.

In addition to the celebrities, professional athletes and everyday Aussies I have trained over the years, I have also had the honor of training members of some of the world’s most elite Special Forces & Special Operations units including – SAS, SRR, Royal Marine Commandos, SWAT, Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon & Kopassus.