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Melbourne, Australia
Bachelor of Commerce, Monash Uni
Entrepreneur & Founder
Founder & managing director of

Founder & Blogger of

Owner of online pet shop
Online retail, online shopping, technology, websites, entrepreneurship, female entrepreneur,
entrepreneurship, family, power lifting, animals
After completing my bachelor’s degree in commerce majoring in accounting and finance I realised that those industries just were not for me. I made the scary decision not to apply for graduate positions, much to the horror of my university friends - they all thought I was crazy. Instead, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

My first taste in the online retail world started with an online pet shop. It was through this that I became acutely aware of the challenges faced by online retailers - specifically how hard it is to be seen online and then the difficulty of attracting customers that would buy. I also became aware of how clunky and messy online shopping was for the shopper.

It became my mission to overhaul online retail, to make it simpler and safer for online shoppers and easier for amazing online shops to be found. In my opinion, online retail is missing something. They are still seen as the ‘cheap’ option and are missing out on the opportunity technology affords us to solve shoppers challenges creatively. This is that I have set out to do. is the first online shopping platform to integrate your lifestyle with shopping. It’s a place where you can do everything from planning your wedding or a trip to Europe or even something as basic as buying a computer. Users can collect, consume, organise and plan without leaving a single page until they are ready to purchase. From the online retailer’s point of view, is a unique marketing platform that brings together the best (not the biggest) online shops. Big online retailers are drowning out the small to medium size retailers. By pooling the marketing funds of small to medium sized online retailers, allows these shops to compete with the big guys. But more importantly gives our shoppers a unique and great shopping experience.