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Australian Haircare Brand Founder
I founded and run Wuli Grooming - Australia's premier brand of all-natural and vegan hair styling products designed for those of the world with wavy and curly hair. As the face of the brand, I have extensive knowledge and experience in at-home curly hair care maintenance and product application. If you are looking for a beauty expert who can confidently talk to curly haircare education to consumer audience, or support gifting segments around beauty and haircare, I am your guy.

I also can speak confidently to weekend markets as this is where the brand was founded and still has a strong presence in across Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Newcastle. I can provide tips and insight to fellow Entrepreneurs on how to maximise participation in markets.

To better understand my confidence when speaking on camera, please view my recent appearance on Shark Tank Australia at the link below.
Curly Haircare
Beauty Ingredient Label Understanding
Community Engagement
I founded Wuli after discovering that the vast majority of hair styling products in the market have usually been created from the perspective of fine first and curly hair second. For years I shunned most styling products because the synthetic ingredients tended to wreak havoc on my hair, resulting in constant build up, dandruff and other problems that required daily hair washing. In 2019, my barber introduced to a styling cream he was starting to use. For the first time ever, my hair started looking and feeling better.

But I couldn’t shake my feelings about how it was made with a mineral oil base and had a pretty forgettable smell to it. I thought, ‘surely there has to be a way to make this kind of product with plant-based active ingredients.’ This lead me on a journey involving hours of discussion, formula development and fragrance discovery with hairdressers, barbers, friends, loved ones and experts in beauty products to eventually form Wuli Grooming.