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Founder and CEO of Light My Bricks
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Have you ever had an argument with your spouse turn into a multi-million dollar global enterprise? Seven years ago, a debate with my wife over my excessive LEGO purchases led to a breakthrough idea.

Adults contribute to a quarter of the sales in the toy industry, and that number is growing. We’re all big kids at heart, and quite often, our hobbies are a guilty pleasure that our partners aren’t too fond of. I’ve turned my passion into a business that enables others to express who they are and what they’re passionate about.

For many adults, LEGO is more than a toy; it's therapy, nostalgia, and creativity. My company, Light My Bricks, completely amplifies that whole experience with our unique LED lighting kits that are customised to bring LEGO sets to life.

Today, with a globally recognized industry accolade Australian Good Design Award, under our belt, I couldn't be prouder. I'm Kenny Lee, and this is Light My Bricks

Oh, And In case you didn’t catch on, I won that argument with the wife ;)