Amanda Falconer

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Newcastle, NSW
Masters of Management, Macquarie
Founder and business owner
30 year marketing career
5 years as founder of innovative pet health start-up; successful at securing grants and working with the CSIRO, FIAL, Jobs for NSW MVP Grant program, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
Marketing, food processing and cold extrusion techniques; ecommerce, pet nutrition (dog and cat)
Food sustainability, circular economy, nutrition
I started my pet supplement company, bestie, and launched our first product, in mid- 2019. Back then, I was motivated by a passion for fresh food as the basis for good health for dogs and cats. That passion came out of my long love affair with our two rescue dogs, Alfy and Mondoe, who lived to the advanced ages of 21 and 22. I like to think our Bestie products had something to do with that.

Along the way, my partner and I became vegan. And I began to be increasingly uncomfortable about the high meat diet we were recommending with Bestie.

A few months later, I remember watching the ABC’s Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge. It was that three-part doco about how we can all reduce our individual and collective carbon emissions. It aimed to get us to act.

It worked.

I knew that human and pet food had a big environmental impact. In fact, up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system, and pet food is 25% of that - and growing. The world’s dogs and cats also consume 9 per cent of all land animals killed for food.

And then there's waste. About a quarter of all food grown never leaves the farm, and up to 40 per cent of what does get home from the supermarket is often left to rot. How could a pet food become more sustainable?

I began researching what a healthy non-meat diet would look like for dogs and cats. New research and new and better ingredients came out...which enabled me to create Planet A Pet Food.

The Planet A approach recognises that just as every human isn't going to go vegan, every dog isn't either. And that's completely fine.

Planet A gives people options: Meat-Free complete meals, and then sustainable protein bases, where meat is the topper.

It's basically a flexitarian diet for dogs. Because there really is no planet B.