Rory Kilmartin

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Gold Coast / Byron Bay
Relationship Expert, Researcher & Founder of Archetypal Relationships
Founder and Lead Researcher at Archetypal Relationships
37 years researching relationships, working with individuals, couples and parents.
Working with individuals, couples and parents to make sense of themselves, their relationships and the people they love.
My family, paddle boarding, art galleries and the myriad of ways human beings relate to each other and why.
At the early age of 12, I made a very clear decision, having watched people who say they loved each other be unspeakably cruel to each other, that “I would never do that to the person I love “

This began a lifelong fascination with human behavior, human relationships and a search for the fundamental information that actually makes a difference.

My first major body of research, between the ages of 15 and 30, was a deep dive exploration into the fundamental differences between people who struggle in relationships and people who flourish in relationships.

In my early 30's, I realized my life didn't work and that I was still missing major pieces of the puzzle. Over the next 12 years I discovered the four Relationship Archetypes and the mechanisms and dynamics that explain almost everything in human relationships.

For the last six years I have been leading training programs and workshops supporting people in transforming their marriages and family homes.

In summary, I gave up my 30's to make sense of human relationships and I am now dedicating the rest of my life to sharing my findings.