Stacey Tryon

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Sydney NSW
Graduate Diploma - Ageing (University of Melbourne 2022)
Graduate Certificate - Change Management (AGSM 2017)
Bachelor of Education - Pure Mathematics (Sydney University1990)
Director: Ageing Well Sorted
“Connection between people and services is integral. People don’t know the services they are eligible for and if they do, they don’t know how to let those services in. We are here to fill that gap.”

My role as Director of Ageing Well Sorted, follows a diverse career spanning over 25 years in the corporate sector (Financial Services and Change Management) before embarking on post-graduate studies in Ageing, setting up a Seniors Ed Tech platform in Australia, and now developing a growing professional Aged Care navigation service. Experience includes:

Founder for 4 years and co-Director of Ageing Well Sorted
Guide & Community Outreach Manager - GetSetUp Australia and NZ
Practice Manager - Thomas Group Financial Services
Knowledge Capture Manager - Lexus Australia
Business Projects Manager - ING Australia

My passion to help others prepare for and adapt to transitions as they age which inspired our service, Ageing Well Sorted, and forms the essence of our work. A classmate from the Masters of Ageing and I had hundreds of conversations over the years during our studies on Ageing and our society's challenges in dealing with an ageing population. We both grew more passionate over the years and she joined me in 2022 as co-Director to tackle the challenges older Australians face head on in accessing services today. We came to the industry with an informed but fresh lens from different corporate backgrounds, personal experience with ageing family and a strong belief that ageing is a part of life and the business of the broader community, not just health professionals and bureaucrats.

In a practical sense, my team and I apply our skills and experience to help people access immediate care needs and to plan ahead and navigate the aged care system to age well, and transition to later life stages with purpose and empowerment. The aged care system is siloed in many different government departments including (but not limited to) Centrelink, My Aged Care, Carers Gateway in addition to many private professional and community services. These are all important but do not intersect well which is where we come in, to tie together the 'broken threads' and facilitate access to aged care services for our clients.

The aged care industry is undergoing significant challenges, change and growth. I apply my change skills and experience to help individuals access services for their immediate needs as well as to plan for the future to age well. It also underpins my quest to be a change agent, to spotlight issues older Australians face and counter problems we see first-hand in a system that can set up people for failure at their most vulnerable.
Navigating Aged Care System
Planning for Retirement years
Connecting with Family & Friends, travel, swimming in the ocean (any sea but very partial to Greece), Life-long learning (wish to complete Masters of Ageing when time permits), Sydney Film Festival, cocooning at home with kelpie and newly adopted cat, good movies, Nordic Noir series, crocheting and now Sudoku addiction.
We’d have to be living under a rock not to know that there's a crisis in aged care today.
In an ageing population, we see more & more people needing to organise care in the 80s or 90s, and their children tasked with organising it are 60 or 70 years old themselves.

Unfortunately making these arrangements is beyond most people, in a system that can feel like it sets them up for failure and frustration.
Sparked by David Tune's review of My Aged Care in 2017, we created this service so more people can know about services they are eligible for and let them in.

To access care, you may have to deal with as many as 10 agencies including public, private and community services, which are siloed and don’t intersect well. The hoops to jump sound unbelievable, but unfortunately, they're real at a time when older people need timely and simple solutions.

There can be also conflicting pressures and tensions, such as, social workers pressured to clear beds, aged care homes pressured to fill vacancies quickly, family pressured to make hasty decisions. People often think they must accept a room with terms or options they don't fully understand or even worse, does not reflect what their loved one values in a home.

So, then the focus moves from the person, to being about the paperwork and complexity and the older person gets lost in the process.

At our Ageing Well Sorted service, we make sure they don't have to navigate it on their own. And the older person is front & centre in all arrangements.

· We are the missing link in providing a different experience that is personal, and with plenty of options provided and explained, with the time needed to make informed decisions with confidence & peace of mind.
We hold space for you not to be pulled in all directions, to move at your own pace and be ready on your schedule, not everyone else's.

· We are not new to this, so we know what you’re entitled to, and when you make a decision, we do the heavy lifting for you.

· We are an independent advocate, and we become the conduit to all the services.

· We love to take the overwhelm away and honour the wishes of the older person to find the best solution for their best days in later life.