Rach Michael

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Newcastle NSW
* Authorised Marriage Celebrant
* Authorised Funeral Celebrant
Funeral & Wedding Celebrant, Speaker & Writer
• 10 yrs Experience as a Civil Funeral Celebrant
• 10 yrs Experience as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant
• 5 yrs Experience in Celebrant Mentoring
• 10 yrs Experience as a Public Speaker
• 10 yrs Experience as an Educator in Funeral Planning

• Officiating civil marriage ceremonies
• Officiating civil funeral services
• Funeral & wedding writing
• Celebrant mentoring
• Eulogy writing
• Wedding vow writing
• How to write memorials
• Guiding grieving families to plan the funeral they want

Having lost 7 people in my family in 7 years and delivered eulogies at 3 of their funerals, I fell headfirst into my first celebrant ‘gig’, leading the funeral of my cousin who I grew up with, and who was a year older than me.

Funeral Celebrant
It’s a specialist job & it’s not for everyone! Spending your workdays in the death industry can be pretty heavy. Having spent 10 years & thousands of hours with grieving families means I’m in a unique position to lead people through the most challenging days of their lives as they have to say goodbye to someone they love.

Being granted a seat at the family table when planning a loved one's funeral is a privilege, and helping them create the kind of funeral they want is where I come in. I'm happy to break new ground by accommodating what a family wants - just because it's not 'usual' doesn't mean it can't happen. Yes, you can laugh at a funeral, and you can come out feeling better, even when you’ve been through one of the hardest times in your life.

My expertise lies in the fact that I’ve been there too - I’ve had way too many family & friends die on me. And I’ve come to realise the importance of leaving our legacy after we die. Having heard many eulogies, I've found it's important to record parts of our lives to pass on to future generations so they have a true insight into how we became the person we are.

My own journey of loss has served as a catalyst in educating & mentoring others about the importance of leaving a legacy for others after we pass away. Add my love of a great party & a background in event management & I’m uniquely placed to help people break down outdated funeral barriers.

Have you planned your own funeral? It happens more often than you might think.
Have you written your own eulogy? It’s a happening thing.
Have you ever had to arrange someone else's funeral? Me? Way too many times….
What do you do when you have no idea what to do? Talk to me.

Marriage Celebrant
Flip to the sunny side of being a celebrant & you get weddings. Believe it or not, there’s joy in funerals, but nothing shines like the joy of marrying some lovebirds! Except maybe the bubbles in the champagne at the end of the day!