Joanne Swadling

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Central Coast NSW
Managing Director Shop Naturally Pty Ltd
I have been running an e-commerce store in the eco health and wellbeing space for 14 years. Prior to that I ran a small business focused boutique web development agency for a decade with over 200 clients. I am a professional web developer, graphic designer and photographer and have extensive experience in every aspect of starting up multiple small businesses from the ground up. I have extensive knowledge on branding, marketing, copywriting and SEO. I am also a small e-commerce business mentor and coach.
Natural & Eco Friendly Products. Skin Care. Makeup. Essential Oils. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. E-commerce. Web Design. Graphic Design. Product Photography. SEO. Small Business Consultant.
I am a musician; classically trained pianist and a songwriter with a home recording studio. Music is my happy place and it has been incorporated in to my business. I love plants & gardening and enjoy unwinding by doing yoga and meditating.
In my mid 20's I was struck down with a debilitating illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I had a clever mind that always loved to be challenged and to learn new things, and it was trapped in a body that was barely functioning. As they said in Shawshank Redemption, you can get busy living, or get busy dying. So 'get busy living' I did. I taught myself how to design website from my sick bed, which rolled in to me creating a boutique web development agency that ran for a decade with over 200 clients.

After starting a health plan with a naturopath, I needed to clean up the types of products I was exposed to in every day life, and back in 2009, they actually were hard to find in stores. I created an online store for myself purely to buy the products for myself, and very quickly, the store took on a life of its own. I was my web development agencies largest client, and I transitioned in to running Shop Naturally full time over the space of a year or two of it starting.

Since then I have developed a diverse skill set in running an online e-commerce business and I do mentor other start ups to ensure they hit the ground running.