Luke Taylor

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Master of Arts (Writing)
Bachelor of Arts (English)/Teaching (Secondary)
Bachelor of Policing
Detectives Education Program/Adv.Dip. Public Safety Investigations
Clifton Strengths Coach
Disruptive Educator
14 years criminal investigations and specialist in Child Protection. From Blacktown to Cabramatta, working drugs, murder, undercover operations and coroners liaison, through to the sensitivities of Child Protection Sex Crimes.
12 years as an English Teacher (High school) and Head of English on the Mid North Coast of NSW, including the research of Experiential Learning alongside a Masters of Writing to develop a literacy programme that combines crime solving techniques with writing.
Police, Detective ,Teaching, Communication, Writing, Transferable Skills, Inclusive Education
Golf, Writing, Parramatta Eels (yes, I still believe)
Detective, Teacher, Writer...My unique combination of experience and research has culminated in the experiential learning workshops 'Crime Story'. An immersive, interactive exploration of solving crime that leads participants to 'ask more questions'. Whether it is a high school Craft of Writing Workshop or a corporate team building exercise, I understand the value of asking open ended questions rather than relying on one, simple and single worded response. Communication is at the heart of this experience. We only grow when we allow our minds to consider alternate points of view, methodologies and opinions.

In our writing workshops we come to understand the power of unanswered questions and giving the reader what they want...their chance to solve the crime. Working hands on we bridge the learning gaps of the 'outer' and 'inner' world of learning that divides learning experiences, often alienating those without the same background knowledge and literacy levels. We construct writing from what we touch, see, feel, smell in our observations, before making inferences from the available evidence. These techniques are transferable to all genre, all aspects of life. True 'experiential learning' and literacy.

These fully inclusive experiences work from in school from the highest of Band 6 HSC candidates through to special assistance and high needs students. Everyone is equal and everyone achieves.

When businesses came knocking we were more than ready to put adults through their paces. Hierarchical communication and leadership channels had their eyes opened widely as they soon realised the value of input from all workers in their charge. As a former Detective and Head of English I was not surprised. I never solved a crime on my own, nor did I teach every class. I needed a team. I needed varied opinions and I needed others to see what I couldn't.

Having survived PTSD/Anxiety/Depression, having experienced a period of in-patient care at a mental health care facility I know what communication is. I know what is needed, and I truly understand what it means for everyone to have a voice. That is why Crime Story specialise in engaging and inspiring so that you can create something better.