Ange Chappel

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Victoria University of Wellington
Bachelor of Arts. Double Major.
English Literature / Theatre & Film.

The Addictions Academy
Certificate Level 1 & 2, Recovery Coach

Adapt Education
Certificate IV, Education Support
Founder - Mind The Sip
I have helped hundreds of Australian's reduce their alcohol consumption through Mind The Sip - an alcohol reduction app based on the National Health and Medical Research Council's (NHMRC) guidelines.

With my personal experience of overcoming binge drinking, my mission is to ensure people from across the nation can access resources and tools in the privacy of their own home, allowing them the skills and resources to drink less and make long term changes to their health and wellbeing.
Alcohol reduction, behavioral change, motivation, education and prevention.
Reality TV tragic, dining out, connecting with family and friends, reformer pilates lover.
Overcoming my own personal battle with binge drinking fueled my determination to develop Mind The Sip, an empowering mindful drinking app that invites individuals to re-evaluate and reshape their relationship with alcohol. Rather than enforcing strict sobriety, Mind The Sip places emphasis on alcohol reduction as a means to regain control and promote healthier habits.

My own journey served as a powerful catalyst. By navigating the challenges and pitfalls of excessive drinking, I intimately understood the struggle and the need for a supportive tool that offered more than just abstinence. Mind The Sip was born out of the desire to provide a safe and accessible platform that enabled users to embark on a path of mindful consumption.

Through Mind The Sip, individuals can explore their unique goals and aspirations when it comes to alcohol. Whether it's aligning with health guidelines, gradually reducing intake, or reaching a state of complete abstinence, the app empowers users to define their own journey.

Mind The Sip changes the narrative surrounding alcohol by promoting mindfulness, moderation, and self-empowerment. It encourages individuals to question their habits, make informed choices, and embrace a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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